Girl dies due to hospital neglect

Girl dies due to hospital neglect

- A young girl in Rizal province died after nurses instructed the family to wait outside the ER since there were no doctors available yet

- A netizens shared the incident on Facebook and recalled how the staff only attended to the child when she was already dead

- The post has sparked an uproar online and has blamed the hospital’s negligence for the death

Editor’s note: The images related to the keywords in this article are graphic in nature and may be disturbing to some viewers.

Despite being unrelated, some people could not help but to sympathize with others when they witness their suffering. On certain occasions, complete strangers even offer a helping hand when necessary. That was how one post came to light, immediately becoming viral with thousands of netizens outraged on the incident.

A Facebook user who goes by the name Mhindz Roxas shared photos of a lifeless young girl on her social media account. Roxas recalled her encounter with the child while she was also on queue at the Casimiro A. Ynares Sr. Memorial Hospital in the province of Rizal.

According to Roxas, the child appeared to be in a deep level of distress as she has been crying nonstop. Worried and confused, Roxas approached the girl’s parents and asked why they have not yet brought her inside. The girl’s father explained that he had already asked for assistance but was informed to wait in line outside the emergency room since no doctor was available yet.

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Girl dies due to hospital neglect
A young girl in Rizal died after being told to wait outside the ER for 2-3 hours. (Photo credit: Facebook)

Two to three hours have already passed but the young girl was still unattended – at this point, the child was near-death already. Eventually, Roxas could no longer sit back and watch and demanded the hospital staff to check their patient.

Regrettably, they only managed to see the child when she has already passed away.

Roxas angrily noted how they could not even provide the girl oxygen and dextrose.

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She then called out to the hospital, blaming their medical negligence for the young girl’s death. Roxas added that although she had no relations to the family, she felt sorry for what happened and questioned the conscience of the hospital’s staff.

Other web users voiced out their thoughts on the issue on the comment section, with some quipping how one’s status in the society stands as a factor on receiving good service. Roxas replied to quite a few, describing the girl to be between two to three years old and how the incident has kept her up at night.

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The post continues to spread online with over 70,000 shares.


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