Citizen proves 911 Philippine works

Citizen proves 911 Philippine works

- Rosario Juan dialed the emergency hotline after she saw a foreign man knocking on her window, begging for her to let him inside

- Despite having the guards of her condominium safely escorting the man outside her unit, Rosario tried calling 911 who dispatched police officers right away

- Rosario was impressed with the outcome and shared the incident on her Facebook account

Following the recent launch of 911 Philippines, a citizen was able to immediately put its operation to a test when a stranger suddenly showed up in her balcony.

According to Facebook user Rosario Juan, she was about to head to bed when she saw a man standing at her balcony nearly an hour past midnight, knocking and asking for her to let him in. Frantic and in worry of what might happen, she contacted the condominium’s guard who went up right away.

Rosario noted that her unit was several floors above the ground and how she could hear noises from the room one level higher than hers.

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The foreign man continued to beg for Rosario to let him in, reasoning that he left his keys but the latter was unconvinced. Eventually, the guard clarified the situation and informed Rosario that the man came from the floor above and was caught with the resident’s cheating wife. The shuffling Rosario has been hearing were apparently from the couple who has been fighting since the shocking revelation.

However, in order to be given back her personal space, the man had to pass by through her room to leave. At first, Rosario was a skeptic but eventually realized it would be the easier way out and requested for another guard before complying.

As the foreigner was successfully escorted out of her room, the husband of the love triangle appeared in the hallway wherein a heated argument ensued.

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Rosario proceeded to lock herself inside her unit and tweet about the turn of events. It was then when she was reminded of the launch of 911 Philippines and decided to see if it really works. True enough, an operator received her call and offered to dispatch police officers in which Rosario accepted.

Less an hour later, Rosario was told of the presence of police officers in the lobby, including the couple and the foreign man who was sitting on her balcony a few moments earlier. When she asked whether they arrived on the scene because of her 911 call, the officers confirmed and added that they have to be ‘quick to respond now.’

Impressed and grateful, Rosario began to happily chat with the officers and even asked for a photo. At this point, the foreign people involved in the incident appeared to be confused on the situation.

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In an attempt to conclude the incident, the woman, and her lover apologized to Rosario who expressed her dismay in return.

911 Philippines only began on August 1, 2016, under the implementation of President Rodrigo Duterte’s emergency hotline.


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