Amazing video of zebra giving birth

Amazing video of zebra giving birth

- Zebras are always fighting for survival, in order to survive they need to breed fast and learn to run

- The video depicts the miracle of life through the heartwarming birth of a foal

- The young zebra struggles to stand in order to start walking and running in order to survive in the great plains of Africa

The miracle of life starts with the miracle of birth itself. Although looking at an animal giving birth may be gruesome to some people, it still depicts the miracle of life.

Amazing video of zebra giving birth

(Screenshot from youtube)

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In the video below, the heartwarming event of the birthing of a young foal (baby Zebra) is shown.

The video is shot in Tanzania, the Ngorongoro Crater, where a mother Zebra is giving its all to bring a new life to the world. A few minutes later a cute, healthy, approximately 70-pound baby Zebra comes to life. It is perfect in every way and it will start its life it the vast plains of Africa.

Unlike human babies the baby zebra has to learn how to walk as fast as it can. If not, it could become a meal for predators like lions and hyenas.

For around 10 to 20 minutes the young foal will struggle to stand until it is able to walk.

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Zebras are always in danger of predators and if it does not learn fast, it is in danger of being left behind to the mercy the multiple predator in the Tanzanian plains.

But fortunately in the video, the foal gave its best to stand. It struggles for the first part, like most foals do, but in the end with the help of its loving mother it was able to stand up.

With that accomplishment, it will not take long until it starts running and playing with the many other baby zebras.

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Life is like a rollercoaster ride. There are many ups, but also numerous downs. Though some parts of life hurt, some are beautiful, and collectively they are what makes it worth living. But the beauty of life always starts with the miracle of birth. The baby zebra certainly shows the amazing gift of life.



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