Alden and Maine: "We have a mutual understanding."

Alden and Maine: "We have a mutual understanding."

Don't we all just wish that our on-screen love teams would actually get together in real life? Well, #AlDub fans, wait no more, Alden and Maine just revealed their new relationship status. 

The country's favorite love team have just made people swoon all over again with their recently released movie, Imagine You and Me. Especially after Alden Richards left the world hanging when he declared that he and Maine Mendoza, more popularly known as "Yaya Dub" have a "mutual understanding" when they appeared on CNN Philippines.

I know we're all hoping for the same thing: "Sila na ba?" (Are they together?)

Alden and Maine: "We have a mutual understanding."
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In an interview with, Maine sheds a little bit more light towards her relationship with the "Bae ng Bayan".

So do they have a mutual understanding or do they not?  Maine tells us that they do have a mutual understanding, in the literal sense.  "[We] understand each other," she shares, "and also in our sentiments in life."

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On the bright side, Maine seems to okay people tagging their relationship, as being a mutual understanding, saying that it's up to the people to interpret what that means. She further explains her relationship with Alden is deeper than before. But wait, there's more, the pair also go on dates "every once in a while" (how cute is that?!). I don't know about you, but I can definitely smell romance in the air.

Maine also tells us what her ideal guy should be like. She says that she looks more at the character of the guy rather than at his physical attributes. He must be a gentleman, respectful, kind, and understanding. (Can we just say, Maine, that Alden has both?) When asked if Alden fits the match, Maine laughingly answers that he does.

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When asked if Alden is courting her now, Maine calls on Alden to answer instead, who neatly dodges the question. Does this mean we're back to wondering when real life #AlDub is going to happen? I hope not.









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