Duterte to give pay hike to teachers after soldiers

Duterte to give pay hike to teachers after soldiers

- After announcing his promise to double the wages for soldiers, Duterte has mentioned that teachers will be the next on the list

- Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno has expressed the difficulty of implementing salary increase because of other more pressing financial matters such as the government debt to the military pension fund, among other things

- Despite financial impediments, Duterte is eager to fulfill his promises to increase soldiers' wages

Just after his announcement of incremental salary increases for military personnel, President Rodrigo Duterte said that he would see to it that public school teachers are next in line.

On Thursday, July 28, during a situation briefing with military officials in Camp Nakar, Lucena City, Duterte said, "Itong increase of salaries, ang sunod ko mga teachers"

(On salary increase, I will put the teachers next.)

The President has been promising to raise the salaries of teachers and soldiers but has not explained how and where he is getting the funds.

Duterte to give pay hike to teachers after soldiers

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During his visit to another camp on Tuesday, July 26, he mentioned that the "incremental" salary raise for military personnel would start in August and would continue until their current salary is doubled.

Duterte has always promised during his campaign that he would double the salaries of the military and police as part of his campaign against crime and drugs.

The President, however, did not mention nor elaborate as to where the funds to double teacher's salaries will come from.

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On the incremental salary increase for the military, Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno said that this would be difficult to implement considering other pressing financial issues the government has to address, one of which is the massive debt the government has to the military pension fund.

However, it is apparent that increasing military salary is one of Duterte's top priorities that it even changed his mind to supporting a Constitutional Assembly instead of a Constitutional Convention as a means to amend the Constitution since the latter was materially more expensive.

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Duterte has already expressed his full support and intention to cater to the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

During one of his previous visits, he had expressed his desire to add as many as 20,000 more soldiers and purchase more equipment like fast boats and advanced weapons.

Duterte said, "I assure you, I will give you everything you need to carry out your mandate."

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