#Squadgoals: Photo of baby with Beagles goes viral

#Squadgoals: Photo of baby with Beagles goes viral

- A photo of a baby boy and four Beagles went viral online garnering at least 17,000 shares

- It shows the boy hanging out with four Beagles as if looking at something or someone

- Beagles are said to be child-friendly dogs

An adorable photo went viral on social media after it shows four dogs and a baby trooping together at a gate as if watching over something or on the lookout for someone.

The picture shows one baby boy and four Beagles hanging out together like adults. The photo has been shared at least 17, 270 times as if writing, has gathered 43,000 reactions, and has a total of at least one thousand and one hundred comments.

Most of the comments are positive, claiming that the photo is not only adorable but also shows how dogs and babies can get along really good. Others also tried to make conversations out of the posted photo.

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For instance, Charity Staness Padilla wrote: "'Ok guys, you go sneek [sic] around the corner, grab those cookies and I'll stay here, be the lookout',... Said the dog ain't standing."

On the other hand, Shanika Fernando asked the rest about something that really bothered her and other people as well. She said: “Of course its [sic] adorable - but what I would like to know is what all of them are looking at ????”

Mary-Ann Keyes also wrote: “The 5 amigos... I love the boy has his hand on the dog's back... Just what are they looking at?”

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True enough, the photo posted on HypeDojo’s Facebook page did not have any explanation as to why it is the way it is.

Some people also said that beagles are really great family dogs while others shared how their Beagles also tend to do this in their homes.

Facebook user John Barrett also shared his suggestion. He said that “Every child should have a dog. Best friends forever. How wonderful to see. Bless.”

Beagles have been known to be one of the many small-to-medium-sized dog breeds that are really child-friendly. - Kami Media

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Source: KAMI.com.gh

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