VIDEO: 10 lion attacks on humans

VIDEO: 10 lion attacks on humans

- A video compilation of lions attacking humans have gone viral

- Some of the attacks resulted in minor injuries but some of them suffered serious ones

- Many netizens reacted by saying that the video proves that humans should leave lions alone in their natural habitat

The lion is considered as “the king of the jungle” for a good reason. It is known as one of the wildest and most ferocious beasts in the animal kingdom.

Humans who interact with lions are putting themselves at great risk of injury and death. Here are some of the most vicious lion attacks on humans compiled in one video.

The first clip shows how dangerous being a reporter is. Reporting is not only dangerous when it involves crimes, corruption and terrorism but also when reporting about a dangerous animal like a lion.

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The second clip shows two adult lions inside an enclosure but with two animal trainers inside. The male lion became agitated and started to attack one of the trainers. The other trainer tried to help out but it was the lioness which was able to calm down the wild lion.

VIDEO: 10 lion attacks on humans

Lion attack (Photo: YouTube)

The next one shows a group of guys trying to pet a lion. This clip shows that lions do not like cuddling with humans as much as pet dogs do.

Another video shows a lion in the wild furiously attacking a group of hunters. The hunters fought back by shooting their rifles but the lion was able to get away. It was not shown if the last gunfire was able to hit the animal as it was escaping.

VIDEO: 10 lion attacks on humans

lion attack (Photo: YouTube)

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The fifth video shows a lion performing in front of an audience. It suddenly got angry, most probably due to the chaos in the area caused by the large crowd.

The next one shows that humans should remain vigilant even if a lion is inside a cage. This animal is dangerous whether inside or outside an enclosure.

The seventh one shows a lion owner parading his “pet” on a red carpet in front of the media. The lion shows that it should not be put on a leash.

The eighth clip shows a preacher trying to preach the Gospel to the lions. It seems that one of the beasts was not impressed with his preaching as it attacked the helpless preacher.

The next video is a brutal one. It shows a zookeeper fighting for his life as two large lions maul him.

The last clip is also very violent, as a gang of lions decides to attack the trainers inside a large cage. It is maximum carnage as the trainers desperately try to fend off angry adult lions. Without the water hose coming from outside, the trainers might not have made it out of the cage alive.

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