Saki the rescue dog, and her beautiful story

Saki the rescue dog, and her beautiful story

- Rescue dog Saki regularly escapes from her temporary home to visit his child friend who has a mental condition

- Saki helped in the development of Danny, and they formed an almost inseparable bond

- The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, upon seeing the bond of the two, gave Saki to Danny and suspended the dog's training

Dogs are tagged as the ultimate best friends of humans. Aside from their furry cuteness, their loyalty is what makes them stand out among other pets. We've seen how dogs are portrayed in popular culture, from Hachiko's heartbreaking story of faithfully waiting for his dead master's arrival to the incredible journey of pets in the 1993 classic Homeward bound.

Another story of a dog had circulated on the web, and it's also a tearjerker.

Saki the rescue dog, and her beautiful story

Saki the dog. (Photo from pawmygosh)

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (NDSDF) rescued a stray dog named Saki, and gave her a slot on a team of dogs that searches for people who were lost after calamities or disasters.

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Before her training officially began, Saki was temporarily given to Dennie Fiddler's care, but it only took two weeks for Dennie to notice something unusual about Saki - she regularly escapes from their house.

Dennie tried to find out where Saki was going, and when he finally discovered the truth, he was stunned.

It turned out that Saki was visiting his friend Danny, a child who has a mental condition.

Saki the rescue dog, and her beautiful story

Saki and Danny. (Photo from elitereaders)

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Danny was different from his peers. When his adoptive parents got him, they already knew of the kid's condition. He has a developmental problem, and the doctors did not know exactly why.

Speaking, sitting up straight, and walking came in late for Danny. In an interview, her adoptive mom narrated how Danny couldn't formulate complete sentences and engage in a conversation.

But all thanks to Saki, Danny's condition got better. According to his parents, ever since Saki played with Danny, the child showed tremendous improvements. He was already able to speak straight, and even play fetch with Saki.

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Danny's first sentence was "I am Saki's dad." They already developed a very close relationship, and became almost inseparable.

Unfortunately, the NDSDF wanted Saki to go back to training. Although they recognize Saki's integral role in the development of Denny, they had to think of all the children Saki could save when she'd push through with the NDSDF role.

When they were about to get Saki, they've seen how Danny and Saki bonded eventually leading the foundation to give the dog to danny, truly a happy ending for everyone. -Kami Media

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