VIDEO: Cat reacts to his owner wearing a werewolf mask

VIDEO: Cat reacts to his owner wearing a werewolf mask

- A video of a man wearing werewolf mask to scare his cat has gone viral

- In the video, the guy was trying to scare his cat, the cat, as expected growled back threateningly resembling a kid talking to his parent

- Netizens expressed their concerns about the video with some saying that the act is a form of animal cruelty

VIDEO: Cat reacts to his owner wearing a werewolf mask
Smeagol the cat. Photo by:

There have been a lot of videos of cats doing their funny theatrics all around the internet. Some showed the cute four legged creature's reactions to various things. There are those that show how laid back these furballs can be especially in cold weather.

True to their nature, cats are lovable beings. Contrary to what the famous cats vs dogs movie depicted these creatures to be, they're neither beasts nor antagonists, in fact they're so cute and fluffy that will make you want to cuddle with them all day long.

This video of the cat owner who pretended to be a wolf to scare this Sphynx Cat has made waves on various social media platforms.

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In the video, the owner decided to wear a mask resembling a werewolf to scare the poor cat. As expected, as soon as the cat sees the masked creature, he hissed and growled threateningly expressing his fear of what was happening.

When the video was posted, many netizens reacted and expressed their concern claiming that what the owner did was an act of animal cruelty considering the trauma and stress that the cat would experience.

While others countered by saying that the act was plainly for fun and the harm is negligible and that what happened was just a form of bonding between the cat owner and the four-legged creature.

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Whichever way you look at it, it can't be denied that the cat's reaction was indeed entertaining because it resembles a kid talking out of fear of a toy that his parents gave him.

The video has been shared multiple times in various platforms reaching over 5 million in views as of this writing.

What do you think of the video?

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