VIDEO: Black bear walking like a human spotted in New Jersey

VIDEO: Black bear walking like a human spotted in New Jersey

- A video of a black bear walking effortlessly like a human being around a New Jersey community has become an internet sensation

- Observers believe that the black bear is walking on its hind legs because its front legs are injured

- Wildlife officials said that the black bear might have been hit by a car

Most bears can stand and walk on their hind legs only for a moment or two. After those moments, bears would usually go back to walking on all fours.

However, a black bear in New Jersey was caught walking effortlessly on its two hind legs like a real-life Yogi Bear! The video of the walking bear has become an internet sensation!

The video was taken in the community of Oak Ridge. The bear has become popular in the community and the residents are always waiting for another sighting of the amazing bear.

VIDEO: Black bear walking like a human spotted in New Jersey
Pedals the bear (Photo:

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The first time the residents saw the black bear, they all thought that it was a human being wearing a bear costume. But upon closer inspection, they found out that it is a real black bear. The residents all say that the black bear is completely harmless to humans and they have affectionately named the animal as “Pedals.”

But why is Pedal walking on its hind legs? Observers believe that Pedals’ front legs are injured and wounded. State wildlife officials also believe that Pedals sustained his injuries when it was hit by a car.

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Many viewers of the video have urged the wildlife officials to capture Pedals and give him the medical treatment he needs.

However, the wildlife officials refused to intervene because they believe that Pedals is active, healthy and is thriving despite his seemingly permanent injuries.

Pedals is an American black bear, which is a medium-sized bear found in North America and is considered as the most common species of bear in the world. It rarely attacks humans and when it does, it rarely results in serious bodily injuries.

However, an adult black bear is capable of killing a human being. The most dangerous black bears are those with cubs because they are more protective and defensive.

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