Robredo: ‘Marcos knows he lost’

Robredo: ‘Marcos knows he lost’

- Vice President Leni Robredo criticized Marcos for his election protest

- According to Robredo, Marcos has been inconsistent in his accusations of electoral fraud

- Robredo also said that she will stand up against Marcos so that the truth will prevail

Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo recently criticized former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos for his election protest after losing the vice presidential election. Robredo also promised to stand her ground against Marcos’ accusations of electoral fraud.

“I think Senator Marcos knows he lost the elections… He has been using media. He has been using his money to spin a different tale and that [makes] it different. [I] can’t just also sit back and allow him to twist facts,” Robredo said.

The Vice President explained that Marcos has been inconsistent with his accusations and protests against the election results.

Robredo: ‘Marcos knows he lost’

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“At first he's alleging I was shaving votes from Escudero and [it was] proven that I wasn’t… Now he's alleging there was a fourth server,” Robredo stated.

The Vice President was referring to Marcos’ allegations that Smartmatic breached the election servers to increase the number of votes for Robredo during the unofficial canvassing. Robredo defeated Marcos by over 260,000 votes.

Robredo added that she has already gotten used to election protests since her late husband, Jesse Robredo, faced protests in the six elections he won as the mayor of Naga City. Robredo also faced an election protest when she was elected as the Camarines Sur 3rd District representative in 2013 despite winning a landslide victory.

Robredo: ‘Marcos knows he lost’

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However, Robredo pointed out that this is a more difficult fight since she is facing a Marcos, which is a rich and powerful political family. She also expressed concern over Marcos’ large presence on social media which he uses to convince people of an electoral fraud.

“It is difficult for us because we don’t have as much resource to say otherwise,” the Vice President explained.

According to Marcos’ election protest, a recount of votes in 36,000 precincts and the nullification of votes in Basilan, Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao should be conducted. The case is still pending in the Supreme Court. - Kami Media

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