Drug problem will affect next 3 presidents – Duterte

Drug problem will affect next 3 presidents – Duterte

- President Rodrigo Duterte summoned the three presidents before him for the National Security Council (NSC) meeting to talk about some of his administration’s pressing issues

- The campaign against illegal drugs remains as the president’s main priority in his administration

- Duterte has called on local government units (LGUs) to help him in this battle to prevent the problem from going over the next three presidents

There is no stopping what has been started, now that President Rodrigo Duterte has called on local government units (LGU) to help him in his quest to rid of the country of illegal drugs.

The highly-controversial topic was one of the issues he and the rest of the former presidents talked about when they convened for the National Security Council (NSC) meeting, along with other issues Duterte is planning to prioritize during his term such as the proposed bilateral talks with China, peace talks between rebel groups and the shift to federalism.

Drug problem will affect next 3 presidents – Duterte

Post-EDSA Philippine Presidents at the National Security Council Meeting. (Photo credit: gmanetwork.com)

Duterte brought up the topic during the oath-taking of the officers of the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) and the League of Provinces of the Philippines (LPP) in the Malacañang Palace, stating that the war against illegal drugs should persevere.

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He has foreseen that the drug problem will affect the next three presidents of the country if it will not be given immediate action.

It has been evident that drug users are becoming more audacious to the point that they are not afraid to break the law, and either has challenged or surrendered themselves to authority. The newly-sworn in president pegged around 170,000 users who conceded to his policy, which has been disclosed by a ‘country friend’. He also believed that the police alone cannot solve the problem, but believed that they are into the case.

However, the ‘short, corrosive effect of money’ continues to plague our system, thus only affirming one of the country’s major problems.

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Unless I destroy the apparatus, they will have a problem. Three Presidents from now would not be able to solve it. Money is too corrosive. So they can buy, you know, judges, fiscals, the police, mayors, governors. That’s how money works,” the president said.

Furthermore, Duterte has planned to transform military camps into rehabilitation centers for the meantime until he can build these centers all over the country. In spite of his previous statements, the president believed that it was a better cause to place the users in rehabilitation centers not only for their safety but for the public as well.

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As with any other rehabilitation center, the users will undergo a program set to them by doctors. The president also took note that ‘a leap of faith’ has transformed the majority of users.

Drug problem will affect next 3 presidents – Duterte

President Duterte's fight against illegal drugs continues despite detractors' claim of extrajudicial killings in the process.

(Photo credit: politics.com.ph)

I said we cannot build a nation by killing people over the bodies of your fellow citizens, he added, despite the controversy his campaign has caused as some have turned into extrajudicial killings. In response to his detractors, he stated that human rights should not cause the downfall of the country.-Kami Media

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