Ramon Tulfo: ‘Expose influential personalities involved in drugs’

Ramon Tulfo: ‘Expose influential personalities involved in drugs’

- Senior Insp. Ramon G. Castillo, a police officer of the QCPD, was killed in a buy-bust operation organized by the police

- Castillo was caught trying to sell at least 1 million worth of shabu before fleeing and fighting the officers in pursuit

- Ramon Tulfo reacted to the arrest of a policeman and asked for the arrest of media personalities, businessmen, and government officials who are involved in the illegal trade of drugs

The challenge was set for President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration to stay true to its word that no one will be above the law on its campaign against drugs.

This week, Senior Insp. Ramon G. Castillo of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) and an active officer of the QCPD’s Anti-Illegal Drugs-Special Operations Task Group (DAID-SOTG) was killed during a buy-bust operation organized by the QCPD itself.

Through an intelligence report, it was discovered that the 47-year old officer was selling drugs confiscated from their operations. Castillo died while trying to escape from the scene where he was expected to exchange at least 1 million pesos worth of shabu.

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Ramon Tulfo: ‘Expose influential personalities involved in drugs’
Senior Insp. Castillo was killed in a buy-bust operation on Tuesday. (Photo credit: inquirer.net)

According to the chief of the District Special Operations Unit (DSOU) Supt. Roghart Campo, who headed the arrest, the policemen who pursued Castillo wanted to bring him back alive but he put up a fight which caused his death.

This arrest didn’t go unnoticed and gained the approval of people, including TV personality, Ramon Tulfo. In his column for Philippine Daily Inquirer, police offers who are personally involved in the trading of illegal drugs or those who are users themselves didn’t shock him anymore.

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He retold the story of a QCPD police officer under the anti-illegal drug unit who burned his house under the influence of shabu.  The officer’s wife personally called on his program ‘Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo.’

Tulfo proceeded on explaining the credibility of the campaign if influential personalities like businessmen, media people, and government officials will also be exposed. A TV personality and a society page columnist were the first he mentioned on the list of people who shouldn’t be protected.

Lastly, he called the attention of a network whose executive official is a known user of cocaine or what Tulfo called the “narcotics of rich people.” His source was a reporter network.

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Aside from being a columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Ramon Tulfo is a TV host and radio broadcaster. His public service program, ‘Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo!’ tackles complaints against government officials and policemen among others. - Kami Media

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