Americans decide between Aldub and Jadine

Americans decide between Aldub and Jadine

- Aldub and Jadine are the hottest love teams in the Philippines

- Now it’s time for Americans to decide which love team is better

- These American respondents made their decision based on three criteria (rounds)

Americans decide between Aldub and Jadine

Aldub vs jadine (Photo credit:

Filipinos have their own favorites when it comes to the two hottest love teams in the country – Aldub and Jadine. But what do Americans say? Do they have the same preference as with Filipinos when it comes to which is the better pair?

In a somewhat clinical experiment, conducted by some very concerned citizens, a couple of Americans, who apparently have no idea who these pairs are, were asked to decide between Aldub and Jadine.

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These Americans were given a short backgrounder on the two love teams and were given the chance to do their own “research” on Aldub and Jadine.

The research “respondents” were given the time to check out the pairs online. They were directed to the fan pages and also to scenes from previous and upcoming movies of the pair.

Americans decide between Aldub and Jadine

Aldub vs Jadine. Who's better? (Photo credit: inquirer)

For Round 1 – Facebook Page, the Americans visited the Facebook page of both love teams. You can hear that most of them found Nadine Lustre really cute. They say she was great but she should just drop James Reid.

Jadine fans wouldn’t be so happy with this one as they cannot imagine any other worthy partner for Nadine but only James.

One guy also said that James and Nadine are just faking it.

So on the overall, for Round 1, Aldub won.

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How about Round 2 – Movie Trailer?

For this round, it seemed Aldub still won the hearts of the Americans. They said that there’s chemistry between Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. They just loved them.

Hmmm… With Aldub getting 2 points and Jadine with nothing, is there still hope for Jadine fans?

For Round 3 – Official Sound Track, oh well, Aldub did it again. They just love the couple!

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Apparently, based on what these Americans were saying, it’s James Reid whom they don’t really like. Nadine Lustre is fine but James keeps on dragging their tandem down. But then, Jadine won’t be “Jadine” without James, right?

For Aldub fans, you have got something to rejoice because Americans felt what you feel for Alden and Maine.

Better luck next time Jadine fans. Perhaps, another group of Americans will see that James and Nadine are better.

In conclusion, Americans said, “Aldub for the win!” - SD, Kami Media


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