Iza Calzado meets David Beckham and Vanness Wu

Iza Calzado meets David Beckham and Vanness Wu

- Iza Calzado shared the time she met David Beckham on her Instagram account

- The two had a ‘lovely chat’ in a natural foods grocery in LA

- On a different occasion, Calzado also saw Vanness Wu when she was out with her friends

Actress Iza Calzado could not contain her excitement when she shared an unexpected encounter with football superstar David Beckham at a grocery store in Los Angeles, California.

At first, the tale was intended to be kept a secret as Calzado only narrated the story on her private Facebook account. But the actress changed her mind later on and decided to let her followers in on her fan girl moment through an Instagram post on Thursday, July 28.

Calzado recalled how she was shopping for food at Erewhon Market when she spotted an attractive man and immediately thought of Beckham, albeit unsure. They exchanged smiles twice as they saw each other again before proceeding to line up for the counter. No longer able to hide her curiosity, the 33-year old asked if the stranger was indeed the popular athlete, to which he replied, “Yes, I am.”

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Flustered, the actress quickly explained that she just ‘had to make sure’ and that she was only a visitor at the country, introducing herself in the process as well. Beckham responded that he was in the Philippines a few months back when UNICEF sent him to help during the Haiyan aftermath. Initially, Calzado thought his visit was for a football event but expressed her gratitude for his efforts to lend a hand during the crisis.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end as Calzado was called to pay for her purchases but not before Beckham claimed how it was a ‘lovely’ meeting. And that’s not all, Beckham also told Calzado how ‘it was very nice to meet her’ just when she was about to leave.

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Regrettably, the actress did not ask for a photo together as she wanted to be remembered for their ‘lovely chat’ instead of making the footballer feel like a ‘piece of public property.’

Aside from Beckham, Calzado also met former F4 member Vanness Wu when she and her friends were dining at EMC Seafood & Raw Bar.

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The Kapamilya star was reportedly in Los Angeles as a host for Binibining Pilipinas USA and Teen USA pageants.-Kami Media

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