VIDEO: Pet owner makes dog fight a cobra

VIDEO: Pet owner makes dog fight a cobra

- A viral video shows a dog fighting a cobra at the backyard

- The dog was able to kill the deadly cobra

- The dog was identified as a Jack Russell terrier

Most pet owners protect their pets from all kinds of harm and danger. However, a viral video shows a pet owner allowing his dog to fight a deadly cobra!

The fight between the two animals was vicious. However, the pet dog emerged victorious in the end.

According to the viewers of the video, the dog is a Jack Russell terrier. Many commenters were amazed at the reflexes and the fighting skills of the dog.

VIDEO: Pet owner makes dog fight a cobra

Dog vs snake (Photo: YouTube)

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Jack Russell dogs are known as a working terrier originally bred to bolt fox from their dens during hunting. These dogs are known for their great intelligence, athleticism, fearlessness and for being vocal.

Some Jack Russells can be extremely moody and destructive if their owners fail to give them proper stimulation and exercise. However, many viewers commented that making the Jack Russell fight with a deadly cobra is too dangerous of an exercise or stimulation for any kind of dog.

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These dogs, if left alone for a long time, also have a habit of displaying independence by entertaining themselves. Unfortunately, their usual method of having fun is to bite and destroy the things around them.

These dogs are also not appropriate for condominium units or apartments as they tend to move and jump around. They are known as tireless dogs that are always in need of exercise.

A Jack Russell dog is also ideal for various sports for dogs such as flyball and fetching. This dog also needs obedience classes as it tends to be aggressive towards other humans and animals if not socialized properly at a young age.

On the other hand, a cobra is considered as one of the most dangerous kinds of snakes. It has long fangs and venom that can kill humans.

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