5 reasons to watch ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (DOTS)

5 reasons to watch ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (DOTS)

- The hit Korean series, Descendants of the Sun, aired in GMA last Monday, July 25.

- Starred by Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, it’s by far the most successful drama of Korea in 2016

- The supporting cast, setting, and script made the list on why viewers will be hooked on the show

Even months before this hit Korean series graced the homes of Filipinos, it’s impossible to not see a gif or a clip of this drama on your Facebook feed. If you also noticed couples calling themselves ‘Big Boss’ and ‘Beauty’ then you can tell that they’re also one of the many hooked viewers.

It is the first in Korean drama history to portray a love story of a doctor and a solider, which cost around $10.8 million or P539.9 million in production. All the money spent were worth it because of its history-breaking ratings.

The highly anticipated drama started airing last Monday, July 25 right after ‘Encantadia’ on the Kapuso network, but it’s not too late to catch up. Here are 5 reasons why you should jump in the DOTS (Descendants of the Sun) craze!

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1. ‘Song Song’ chemistry

The lead stars, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, accidentally share the same surnames giving birth to the ‘Song Song’ couple as dubbed by their fans. Prepare for their undeniable chemistry!

5 reasons to watch ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (DOTS)

The two were rumored to be dating in real life but their agencies denied it numerous times. (Photo credit: Tumblr)

Both actors were not newcomers and it’s impossible for Korean drama enthusiasts to not know Hye Kyo or ‘Jessie,’ who charmed everyone in Full House (2004). You might also remember her as ‘Jenny’ from Endless Love: Autumn in my Heart (2000).

Meanwhile, this is Joong Ki’s first drama since he was discharge from Korea’s mandatory 2-year military service. He appeared as ‘Maru’ in Innocent Man, which also aired in GMA.

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2. The whole crew traveled all the way to Greece!

Given the drama’s whooping budget, they spent over a month in Greece to film more than half of the series. Some of the places they visited includes Zakynthos, Arachova, Lemnos, and Navagio.

5 reasons to watch ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (DOTS)

Song Joong Ki got an injury while filming but returned to taping 2 weeks after. (Photo credit: yibada.com)

They also went to Seoul to film certain scenes but most of the story is set in a fictional country named ‘Uruk.’

3. Its scriptwriter is the same genius behind the popular K-Dramas The Heirs, A Secret Garden, and A Gentleman’s Dignity

In 2014, one of the most famous scriptwriters in Korea, Kim Eun-Sook received the story, which the series was based on, from Kim Won-Seok. Originally written as Médecins Sans Frontières, it won at the Korea Storytelling Contest in 2011.

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5 reasons to watch ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (DOTS)

Joong Ki’s character has a codename of ‘Big Boss’ while Hye Kyo’s was ‘Beauty.’ (Photo credit: dinoseoul.com)

4. Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) just surpassed ‘My Love from The Star’ ratings

After its final episode reached an all-time high 38.8% ratings nationwide, DOTS fared better over the other drama which aired in 2015.

5 reasons to watch ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (DOTS)

After the series aired, both actors became the most bankable stars in Korea. (Photo credit: aminoapps.com)

It’s no wonder why each episode was prized at P4.7 million when Japan bought its rights.

5. The supporting cast won’t disappoint you

The second leads, Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won also captured the hearts of the viewers. In fact, when a rumored sequel planning to focus on the two broke out, fans were ecstatic.

Aside from the good looking and ripped soldiers included, the witty medical team also completed the solid supporting cast.

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5 reasons to watch ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (DOTS)

Every man in Korea is required to attend a two-year military service. (Photo credit: allkpop)

5 reasons to watch ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (DOTS)

The cast still meet up from time to time as shown in the different actors’ social media accounts. (Photo credit: kpopfighting.com)

If you’re a fan of the Kpop group, Shinee, you’re in for a treat because one of their members, Onew, plays as one of the doctor who’s a good friend of Song Hye Kyo.

Song Hye Kyo was handpicked by the creators of the show as early as March, 2015. While Won Bin, Jo In Sung, Gong Yoo, and Kim Woo Bin were considered for the role of Joong Ki but they all rejected the script. -Kami Media

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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