YouTuber Marina Joyce’s fans worry over her safety

YouTuber Marina Joyce’s fans worry over her safety

- YouTuber Marina Joyce has gone viral after she became a trending topic on social media when her fans got worried over her safety

- Theories such as she was abducted or has mental illness, were only some among the many that circulated on the internet

- Marina, her mother, and a friend have assured fans since then that there was no cause for concern as the teen is safe

Thousands of fans brought their concern over YouTuber Marina Joyce’s safety to different social media platforms, even managing to trend their hashtag #savemarinajoyce in the process.

The 19-year old English YouTuber seemed off on her recent uploads on her channel, appearing to be terrified of someone behind the camera and would even have a difficult time facing the lens. However, it was her latest video, entitled ‘Date Outfit Ideas,’ in which fans claimed to have heard Marina whispered a ‘help me’ in the 13-second mark that the frenzy worsened, with viewers flooding her accounts to express their worry.

This prompted for her followers to dig through her previous posts in search for clues to her ‘help me’ message. It further escalated when they started sharing their respective theories regarding Marina’s situation on Twitter.

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Others consider that her actions were the effect of taking drugs, while some said that Marina was suffering either an abuse or a mental illness. However, several were convinced of how the YouTuber has been abducted and someone else has taken over her social media accounts – especially when she organized a meet-up with fans, to which other internet personalities advised followers to refrain from attending to ensure their safety.

In an effort to subdue the issue, those with close relations to Marina have stepped up and shed light on the situation, particularly a friend of hers and her mother.

Through a post on Facebook, Marina’s friend who goes by Alisha Weston, demanded for the YouTuber’s fans to ‘leave her alone’ if they would not believe her statements. She clarified that Marina does not go through any type of abuse nor was kidnapped, but has been going through something personal instead.

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In an interview with the Daily Mail, Marina’s mother Cheryl assured fans of her daughter’s safety. She noted that police had already come by to check on the YouTuber, but found nothing wrong. Cheryl also reasoned that the gun that was spotted in one of Marina’s videos was only a toy gun, and that the bruises she sport were simply because of genetics, adding that their family bruise easily. She also revealed that it was her voice that was heard during the controversial video when she whispered ‘stand like me’ to the teen.

Marina, for her part, had already done a live stream wherein she tried to calm her fans down but was unsuccessful as they continue to post photos and videos of what they claim to be ‘evidences’ to support their theories.

Marina’s off-the-cuff vlogging style has earned her thousands of fans, which has turned into a million overnight following the crazy claims. -Kami Media

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