Dog undergoes surgery to remove 46-pound tumor

Dog undergoes surgery to remove 46-pound tumor

- Henry, a golden retriever, was dumped at a beach in California with a 46-pound tumor at his right side

- He was found by Newport Beach Animal Control who raised enough money to help him undergo surgery

- The dog had a successful operation and would be up for adoption soon if no more problems occur

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who take good care of their pets, and those who don’t. Unfortunately, a golden retriever called ‘Henry’ was initially under the care of someone who belongs to the second category.

Henry was abandoned at the Newport Beach in California, but was thankfully found by authorities.

Valerie Schomburg, the supervisor of the Newport Beach Animal Control, shared that they were informed of a dog wandering alone along the shore. They immediately went off to a search and did not expect the sight that welcomed them.

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Dog undergoes surgery to remove 46-pound tumor

Henry’s 46-pound tumor hinders him from easily performing simple tasks. (Photo credit:

Schomburg and the rest of the officials were touched by how Henry remained to be lively despite his condition. He was full of affection as he eagerly wags his tail and gives them kisses.

Determined to help Henry have another chance in life, Schomburg raised money to afford surgery. They worked in cooperation with veterinarians, as some claimed it was their first time to see a tumor that size. However, they pushed through with the operation after deeming that the 8-year old furry animal was strong enough to endure it.

Dog undergoes surgery to remove 46-pound tumor

Valerie Schomburg took care of Henry and managed to have him underwent surgery through donations. (Photo credit:

The tumor was successfully lifted off from Henry, which was later on proved to be cancerous. It was a good thing that the illness had not spread anywhere else.

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Officials could not point out exactly how long the dog suffered the huge mass, but expressed outrage that his previous owner easily left him behind in that situation. Investigators were still following up leads whether the case was of animal cruelty or neglect.

Dog undergoes surgery to remove 46-pound tumor

Henry now weighs 78 pounds and is free from the huge growth. (Photo credit: Facebook)

With the growth gone, Schomburg believed that Henry would enjoy a long life to make up for the lost time when he used to struggle moving.

Henry is on the road to recovery, and if no more complications arise, would be on to a fresh start with a new family.

As the golden retriever has grown attached to Schomburg, the latter confessed that picking the right home for Henry and saying goodbye would be hard for her. -Kami Media

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