Heart Evangelista paints on Jinkee's two Hermes bags

Heart Evangelista paints on Jinkee's two Hermes bags

- Heart Evangelista showcases her talent in painting on Jinkee’s Hermes bags

- Evangelista only paints on Hermes bags of her clients

- The actress has transitioned from painting in canvasses to designer bags

Besides being an actress, Heart Evangelista has shown that she also has a talent in painting. Her painting hobby has turned over a new leaf when she started painting designer handbags of her friends and clients.

Jinkee Pacquiao is Evangelista’s newest client in her painted designer bags business. Evangelista and Pacquiao are the wives of Senator Chiz Escudero and Senator Manny Pacquiao, respectively. The two were spotted during the recent opening of the Senate prior to the State of the Nation Address of current President Rodrigo Duterte.

A few days after the SONA, both Pacquiao and Evangelista have posted their newest collaborations.

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Evangelista painted two of Pacquiao’s Hermes bags; a brown bag and a Rose Sakura Herbag zip. Pacquiao was ecstatic to wear these two bags that she immediately posted her photos wearing Evangelista’s creations. Yesterday, Pacquiao wore a white outfit with flats while holding her brown hand-painted bag, which Evangelista reposted on her own Instagram account. She is grateful for “the love and trust” that Pacquiao has given her.

A few hours ago, Pacquiao wore a pink jacket with white pants and shoes while donning her custom hand-painted Hermes Rose Sakura Herbag zip. Pacquiao thanks Evangelista once again for her “#Godgiventalent.”

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Love Marie Ongpauco, or more commonly known as Heart, took her passion for painting and her love for designer handbags seriously and made an official account on Instagram. In her account, she posts all her creativity and all the designer handbags she has painted so far.

For more than two years now, her paintings have always been patronized by many clients which have also been exhibited in various museums and galleries. Her paintings on big canvasses have always been sold out and her paintings on Hermes bags are becoming popular.

It been reported that Evangelista also painted her husband's shoes.

What will Evangelista’s next painting project be? –Kami Media

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Source: KAMI.com.gh

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