How can you tell that he no longer loves you?

How can you tell that he no longer loves you?

How can you tell that he no longer loves you?

How can you understand that he stopped loving you?

If for some reason you start feeling that your lover stopped loving you, you have to sit down drink a glass of wine, take with a friend and finally watch “Gone with the Wind.”

Here are some queues to see if he genuinely stopped loving you.


He stopped making you laugh

It used to be fun being around him. The thing is he never made you laugh intentionally, it was a mechanism that fired automatically. It’s a courting mechanism that’s even evident in animals: watch a documentary about wolves and see a male try to court a female. A male is 80 kilos of steel muscles but he falls like a puppy before a female. If he stopped making you laugh it means he doesn’t want wolf cubs from you.


Your touch irritates him

If a man doesn’t want to finish the relationship immediately he will keep hugging and kissing you like nothing has ever happened. But his body will still be sending very readable signals that you can see if you observe closely. You’re walking down the street and he’s trying to keep a step ahead? You touch his hand and he moves it away and hugs you by your shoulders? You’re watching a movie and you put your legs on him, but he needs to immediately go to the toilet? It usually means nothing unless you start to see it become systematic.


And vice versa your bad habits don’t irritate him

A man that stopped loving you already decided that he wants to break up. The face that he didn’t yet changes nothing! That means he doesn’t care if you eat peanut butter with your finger out of the jar, if you throw your undergarments everywhere around the house or forget to wash the pots. He just doesn’t care anymore because he’s already decided that it’s not his problem anymore, so what’s the point in trying to waste his time correcting your behavior.


He allowed himself to publically humiliate you

We allow imagine that if a man does something like this we’ll raise an eyebrow, say a witty one-liner and ride off into the sunset, while the onlookers will applaud. Reality is often quite different. You’ll make a joke and he’ll just roll his eyes. You’ll take a piece of cake and he’ll just pat your belly and say “Maybe that’s enough?” The reason is he doesn’t care about your feelings anymore.


He doesn’t care about your orgasms anymore

Sex is a special topic. “If he doesn’t want you – he doesn’t love you.” The truth is he might not want sex but for a very different reason. He might be suffering from depression. He might be sick. Maybe he’s plan tired. Maybe he just doesn’t want to have sex.

However, if you have regular sex but you feel a general disinterest from his side about you getting pleasure. That’s probably the number one sign that he stopped loving you.


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