Woman files complaint against parrot for cursing at her

Woman files complaint against parrot for cursing at her

- A woman is claiming a parrot has been cursing her for the past two years

- The parrot is owned by the woman's stepson who lives in the neighborhood

- The woman and the stepson has a dispute due to inherited properties

An 85-year-old woman named Janabai Sakharkar claimed that a parrot has been hurling "obscene" words at her everytime she passes by a home in Rajura, India, where the parrot resides.

Sakharkar said she believes the male Rose-ringed parrot, named Hariyal, has intense hatred towards her. She has strong feelings that his stepson Suresh, who is living in the house where the parrot also is, has devoted most of his time training the smart bird to insult her.

As it is reported, the two family members have a dispute after Janabai held onto his husband’s property instead of Suresh inheriting some part of it.

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Woman files complaint against parrot for cursing at her

A parrot is said to have hurled hurtful words against a woman. (Photo courtesy: Weird Asia News)

After sustaining two years of direct abusive and foul language, Janabai finally decided to take the matter to the authorities. The woman went to the police station to file a harassment report against the parrot – and not the stepson.

The authorities do not know why the woman decided to complain about the parrot and not the parrot’s owner. It has been reported that the woman has filed a complaint three times already in the past two years. However, it was only the third time that they decided to investigate.

So to solve the problem and get to the bottom of the situation, the authorities asked all three parties – the Janabai, Suresh, and Hariyal – to question all of them, especially the parrot. Unfortunately, Hariyal played hard to get and invoked its right to speak. The parrot did not utter a single swear word in front of Janabai.

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Of course, the police could not and did not press charges against Hariyal. However, they decided not to take it back to the owner’s house. The parrot, instead, was turned over to the forestry department where it would undergo rehabilitation.

While it is unsure what would happen next, at least Janabai is sure she won’t be hearing fuss words again from Haliyal – for the time being. -KAMI MEDIA

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