7 shocking clips of brutal alligator attacks

7 shocking clips of brutal alligator attacks

- A video compilation of humans getting viciously attacked by alligators has gone viral

- One clip shows a man getting his arm torn off while the last three clips show performers getting their head bitten by alligators

- Alligators have a bite force of 3,700 psi while lions and tigers only have a bite force of around 1,000 psi

A video compilation showing fearsome alligators attacking humans has gone viral. Alligators are known to be brutal and aggressive creatures. However, these dangerous traits do not stop people from interacting with these reptiles.

The first clip shows an unsuspecting man chilling on the river bank and suddenly getting attacked by an alligator. This clip proves that everybody should be alert and vigilant when going to a river. Fortunately, the man was left unharmed.

The second clip shows a performer putting his arm inside an alligator’s mouth to impress the audience. But instead of impressing the audience, the performer ends up making them faint as his arm gets torn off by the reptile.

7 shocking clips of brutal alligator attacks

Alligator bites a man. (Photo: Animal Planet / YouTube)

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The third clip shows the awesome power of these scary reptiles. The jeep tried to scare off the alligator but it reacted by tearing off the fender and the bumper of the vehicle.

In the fourth clip, a man is shown trying to control the movement of an alligator by using a big stick. If a jeep couldn’t stop the reptile, you can be sure that a stick would not be able to control the animal. The man ends up getting bitten on the foot.

The last three clips are the most brutal, with all of them showing performers getting severely injured during their performance. The most dangerous trick to do for performers working with alligators is to stick their head inside the reptile’s mouth. Unfortunately, for these three performers, all of them were bitten on the head as they placed their heads inside the alligators’ enormous mouths.

7 shocking clips of brutal alligator attacks

Woman puts her head inside alligator's mouth. (Photo: YouTube)

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According to research, an alligator bite has a force of 3,700 pounds psi or 16,460 newtons. In comparison, lions and tigers only have a bite force of around 1,000 psi or 4,450 newtons. So you can only imagine what kind of injuries these performers sustained during their performance.

Hopefully, none of them sustained lifelong injuries such as brain damage during the scary incidents.

The video uploader also attached a bonus video showing a female performer impressing everyone with her ability to make the alligator follow her commands.

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