Five ways on how dogs can help you move on

Five ways on how dogs can help you move on

You’re single. Your past relationships always end up horribly. It’s becoming a cycle. You always find yourself alone thinking about what to do next just so you could channel your attention to something else and eventually forget the pain of your latest breakup along the process. You don’t want to travel. You’re too lazy to read books. You can’t find any alternative.

You need your friends to be with you. You need someone to comfort you. The problem is, most of the time, your friends are also busy with their lives. What option do you have left then?

Bes, you need a dog.

Five ways on how dogs can help you move on
You need a dog. Photo by

True to their nature, dogs are always there to cheer you up and be with you all the time. I’m sure that in the past you’ve read inspiring stories about these four-legged creatures and how loyal they are to their human families. There’s this story of a Dobberman who saved the life of his owners from cobra which eventually took his life. The story reached hundreds of thousands of hits and made a lot of people sad. There’s also this story of a dog in the Philippines that seemed to have been saddened by his owner’s death. And the saddest story of all the stories about dogs-Hachiko.

There really is no question about their loyalty. In the past, dogs have been used for therapy sessions. They served as guides for blind individuals and have been companions of stressed soldiers who suffer from post-war syndrome.

Dogs, apart from being useful to human beings in so many ways, can also be an effective outlet to channel our attention, instead of A. ranting about things online without having to do something about it in the real world anyway or B. thinking about your failed relationships or C. Stalking your ex hoping that he or she’s hurting about the breakup but he/she’s not.

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Let’s try to look at some ways on how you can live your life without having to worry so much about finding your forever.

1.) Hit two birds with one stone. Let your dog be the instrument to show your ex what he let go of.

Five ways on how dogs can help you move on
Life goes on. Jog with your dog.

You can start your day jogging with your furballs. No matter what breed you choose, dogs generally need to exercise. A 30-minute jog would do. Not only you get to fulfill your duty as a furparent but you also get to trim those extra fats out there which could have been the reason why he/she broke up with you to begin with.

Remember, before getting your pet dog, you have to do research on the breed of your choice. You have to understand that your dog’s breed should match your personality.

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2.) Feed your dog not your emotions. Resist that temptation to revisit old and painful memories.

Five ways on how dogs can help you move on
Training your dogs to do simple tricks can be pretty much an awesome thing to do. Photo by

After a long run, you can find yourself preparing your dog’s food. Sometimes, this is the most difficult part as some dogs can be very picky eaters. So before you could go back in your ex’s messages, you can find yourself researching on how you could enhance your dog’s appetite.

Instead of listening to Adele's hits, play with your dog all day long, if you can. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Adele is a bad singer, I'm just saying you're better off not making yourself cry over a spilled milk.

3.) Go out. Shop. Not for yourself but for your dogs.

Shopping items for your dogs can be a fun thing too. Who can resist the temptation of checking those cute little clothes for your best buddy? It’s also great to know new facts about doggy stuff. It’s better than to know the whereabouts of your ex’s new love interest.

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It can be expensive, yeah but it's better than to be unproductive and sit all day long dwelling into what-if thoughts. You know, it's over. He/she might have cheated but your dog won't. Your dog's loyalty is to you and to you only.

4.) Let go of the things that remind you of the pain. Let your poochy do the job for you.

Five ways on how dogs can help you move on
Let your bestfriend do the job for you. Photo by:

If you still have the old pillow or stuffed toy or anything that your ex has given to you and you feel that it constantly reminds you of the things you went through and you feel guilty having to destroy them all by yourself. You know you’re better off having your four-legged best friend play with it. Just make sure it’s safe to play with it. Yes, play. That’s what your ex did to you right?

5.) Socialize. Join groups.

Five ways on how dogs can help you move on
You'll never know, you might just find your forever in one of your meet-ups. Photo by:

Facebook is not just designed for stalking. You can join dog lovers’ facebook group too. It’s nice to meet new people who are on the same page, I’m not talking about being brokenhearted just like you (which probably is the reason why you ended up reading this piece to begin with) but more on the enthusiasts who made it through life without having to worry too much about your ove life.

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We’ll never know, since pack walks or meet and greet will entail meeting new people (obviously) you might end up meeting the person who will turn your world upside down.

Who are we kidding right? At some point, we’ll still long for someone to cuddle with or spend your lonely nights with but for the meantime, allow these beautiful creatures make you happy. If indeed you finally find your forever however, don’t just ignore them, remember they stood by your side when you needed it most and who knows, in the end your poochy might save you again, for the nth time. -MR, Kami Media

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