Netizens bashed Nancy Binay for SONA outfit

Netizens bashed Nancy Binay for SONA outfit

- Netizens have created memes criticizing Nancy Binay's dress for SONA 2016

- The politician chose to wear a black Filipiniana dress by Randy Ortiz

- In previous years, Binay was attacked online for her eccentric dresses 

The 43-year-old politician, Nancy Binay, was once again bashed by 'netizens' for what she wore to the State of the Nation Adress (SONA) this year. Binay chose to wear a simple black gown this year compared to previous years where she was more adventurous in her fashion choices.

In 2014, she paired a barong with a balloon-like skirt with graphic stripes. This unconventional choice has been made into various memes like her being compared to 'Fiona' from the Shrek movies, a Datu Puti vinegar pack, and a hot air balloon.

In 2015, Binay chose to wear a boring blue terno dress but her photos were still turned to memes in social media. After seeing the memes and mean remarks about her, Binay is unfazed and chose to not mind her haters.

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 On July 25, Binay has stuck with her chosen Filipino designer Randy Ortiz and strutted the red carpet in black business attire but changed outfit once inside with a black Filipiniana dress adorned with lace designs and embellishments. Just like in previous years, Binay is once again the center of attention online with new memes becoming viral.

In preparation for this year's SONA, Binay has mentally prepared and is ready to be bashed once again. She has also foreseen that she will definitely be seeing more memes.

Netizens have brought out their creativity in making memes such as depicting Binay as Batgirl. A Twitter user edited her picture and placed gloves, mask, and a belt to complete the whole costume.

Her outfit was also sarcastically commended for being "fish-friendly," which was because it looked like the scales and fins of black fishes.

A netizen also 'found' Valak, the antagonist in "The Conjuring 2," in one of Binay's sleeves.

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Besides her black dress, Binay's clutch from SONA 2016 did not escape from the netizen's eye. For the comedian Kuya Jobert, it looked like the traditional Filipino dessert 'leche flan' in its aluminum mold.

What's your favorite Nancy Binay meme from yesterday's SONA?  - Kami Media

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