VIDEO: 6 Scary pranks that will give you nightmares

VIDEO: 6 Scary pranks that will give you nightmares

Most people pull off pranks in order to induce laughter or humiliation. However, some people pull off pranks to scare the wits out of unsuspecting folks!

From killer clowns to creepy ghosts, here are some of the scariest pranks that will make you scream! Try to imagine yourself in these situations: would you run, hide, or fight back?

Ghost in the elevator prank

A good way to give people a heart attack is to trap them in an elevator with a creepy-looking ghost of a young girl. Fortunately, nobody suffered a cardiac arrest during the making of this prank.

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Chucky comes to life prank

Chucky the killer doll might not be too scary to watch in the movies, but his real life counterpart is terrifyingly vicious. Watch these poor commuters run for their lives!

Vampire in the city prank

What would happen if you meet a vampire in real life? You would probably scream and run like the people in this clip.

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Killer clown prank

Many people are scared of seeing clowns. However, this prank shows that is a thousand times scarier seeing a clown in the middle of the night trying to bury a corpse, or a clown in the parking lot with a chainsaw, or a clown “killing” a person with a giant hammer.

Girl in the hallway prank

Planning on staying at a hotel to relax and unwind? Then stay away from this hotel at all costs. It has a totally different idea about relaxing and unwinding.

Portrait prank

Delivering pizza to a house should be a hassle-free job. But when you deliver pizza to a haunted house, prepare for a stressful and terrifying experience. -Kami Media

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