The dark side of your zodiac sign

The dark side of your zodiac sign

It's no secret that the constellation you were born under can affect your entire life: your inclinations, aspirations, talents and hobbies. But the influence of the stars is not only limited to good things: your Zodiac sign also gives you negative traits which often become an obstacle on your way to success. This horoscope will help you get in touch with your dark side and overcome your biggest weakness.

The dark side of your zodiac sign">


(March 21st — April 19th)

Aries are often foiled by their own impulsiveness. They are the most impatient of all the signs. If an Aries isn't getting what they want, the entire world will know about it! This character flaw is a source of numerous problems, so the sooner an Aries is able to take it under control, the better.


(April 20th — May 21st)

The distinguishing features of a Taurus are their possessiveness and vanity. They are also very stubborn and rarely recognize their mistakes. To overcome their dark side Tauruses have to learn patience and empathy – only then will they realize that the world is much wider and the people much more interesting that they thought.


(May 22nd — June 21st)

Geminis' dark side is their volatility. It keeps them from finding their place in life and achieving success: these are the people who want to try everything and end up with nothing. The same can be said about their personal life. Focusing on a single task, taking a look inside themselves and finding the power to accept responsibility for their words and actions will help Geminis find harmony.


(June 22nd — July 22nd)

A Cancer always yearns for more: they simply don't know where to stop in their desire to take everything life has to offer, and then some. Trying to milk the life for what it's worth often ends with them being left empty-handed. To get rid of this character flaw and find happiness Cancers need to learn how to enjoy the moment and be grateful for life's small gifts.


(July 23rd — August 22nd)

Leos are charming, loveable and outgoing, but the prideful way they carry themselves tends to push other people away. This sign's life will improve only when they overcome their pride and learn to respect other people's wishes without constantly trying to one-up everyone in their fight for the place under the sun.


(August 23rd — September 22nd)

You have to be careful with a Virgo because they are very demanding and critical towards other people. They always listen to their head, even when it's better to listen to their heart. If Virgos accept that everyone has their flaws and weaknesses, stop trying to achieve perfection and learn how to show their feelings, they will find harmony.


(September 23rd — October 22nd)

A Libra's dark side lies in their indecisiveness. While they are weighing all the pros and cons or thinking about the best way to win some time, someone more inventive and decisive beats them to their goal. To make sure life doesn't pass them by, Libras have to start believing in themselves and pushing their interests – then they will be able to achieve anything they want.


(October 23rd — November 22nd)

Scorpios are unable to forgive, ruthless towards themselves and other people. They are always on their guard and ready to strike. To overcome their flaws Scorpios have to stop seeing enemies everywhere, learn how to appreciate life and not let negative emotions take over.


(November 23rd — December 21st)

Fickleness and lack of responsibility are what poisons social, professional and personal life for this sign. To get rid of their dark side a Sagittarius needs to take life and other people's feelings more seriously, and stop giving promises they cannot keep.


(December 22nd — January 20th)

People born under this sign often feel at a loss in unusual circumstances, so used they are to planning everything a long time ahead. To stop feeling helpless when life happens to them, Capricorns need to learn how to improvise, make quick decisions and adapt their plans to fit to the life's changing flow.


(January 21st — February 18th)

The dark side of an Aquarius lies in their emotional instability, which in turn leads to other kinds of instability. Their absent-mindedness can lead to them passing up on real chances for success and realization. If an Aquarius learns how to focus on the main tasks and smartly channel their energy, they will achieve a lot.


(February 19th — March 20th)

Pisces like to hide in their own world of illusion at first sight of a real problem, and wait for the problem to solve itself. This rarely leads to anything good: small problems get out of hand and become far more difficult to solve, and then Pisces clam up completely. To start living life to the fullest, people born under this sign need to brace themselves and face the difficulties. After that nothing will come in the way of their happiness.


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