Top 10 Pinay celebrities with tattoos!

Top 10 Pinay celebrities with tattoos!

- Pinay celebrities with tattoos have always been regarded as hot

- Some of these Pinays who chose to have tattoos are even moms

- These celebrities certainly look sexy no doubt about it

Seeing hunks and hot Filipino celebrities covered with tattoos can become normal, right? However, when it’s Pinay celebrities flaunting their body marks, you’ll just have to look twice. You can either gush at the lovely art drawings on these celebrities’ bodies or you can point your nose up in the air.

Here are today’s top 10 Pinay celebrities, whom you can say at first look, you may not think that they have hidden tattoos, or rather symbols, on their bodies.

1. Coleen Garcia

The hot and lovely Coleen Garcia may give you the sweetest smile but she could be a real vixen. Located just on her left wing, she proudly shows off her anchor and butterfly tattoo – a real harmonious combination.

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2. Cristine Reyes With the tattoo looking like a cross and rosary beads, Cristine Reyes is clearly very comfortable with it. She might just need to look at it when life’s storms come her way.

3. Jodi Sta. Maria

The ever beautiful mom and actress clearly know how to have a tough-looking tattoo without losing her class and elegance. Just take a look.

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4. Yeng Constantino Although it is quite expected for singers and artists to have tattoos, Yeng Constantino looks simply cool and fabulous. Her left arm tattoo made her look more beautiful than ever.

5. Saab Magalona

Having always been on the go, the fun party girl Saab Magalona couldn’t resist having her tattoo on her back, just right below the base of her neck. Her patriotic side can be seen with the three stars and the sun in the middle, just like in the Philippine flag.

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6. Andi Eigenmann   Having a tattoo at the back of her right arm is a really stylish way for Andi. She proudly showed off her fresh new tattoo.

7. Lovi Poe

The controversial and amazingly beautiful Lovi Poe looks sexier with her tattoos. She’s just like a goddess on that beach! Wow!

8. Tuesday Vargas Smokin’ hot! Tuesday really knows how to look good with her tattoos. A trim and fit figure in a black bikini may just be the best way to show off those great tattoos!

9. Charice

For a young artist who turned over a new leaf, tattoos may just have been part of the whole package. She won’t be as tough without them.

10. Maxine Eigenmann Who else could make it look this good to have tattoos just right under the breast? Although it’s located at the sides, Maxine made it look really sexy!

With these hot Pinay celebs flaunting their tattoos, you might consider having one yourself!


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