Dogs are heroes too! Here are 8 dogs who laid down their lives

Dogs are heroes too! Here are 8 dogs who laid down their lives

- Dogs are more than protectors and guards to humans

- They are so devoted to their owners that they would lay down their lives for their masters

- Here are such stories of dog heroes that will touch your heart and bring tears to your eyes

Dogs are a man’s best friend! And there is also a saying that goes: “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for a friend.” Here are stories of dogs who did both, became a best friend to the humans they loved, and ultimately made the supreme sacrifice of laying down their life.

#8 Simon, the Guide Dog

Dogs are heroes too! Here are 8 dogs who laid down their lives

A screenshot of Simon, the dog who saved his owner’s four-year-old son. (Photo courtesy of Dave Furukawa for HLN)

Simon is a boxer guide dog to Dave Furakawa, a visually-impaired man. In September of 2013, Dave was walking his four-year-old son Will to school with Simon when a red Chrysler bumped them. Simon and Dave were struck, but eye-witnesses recount that the dog rose from being hit to push little Will, who was unharmed, out of the way. When bystanders brought Will back down the street to his home, Simon followed them even though he had a broken leg and internal injuries. It was only when they got home that the dog finally lay down, but before he could be taken to the vet to be treated for his injuries, he passed away. Simon had been with the Furakawas for four years and was devoted to little Will.

#7 Gander, the War Dog

Dogs are heroes too! Here are 8 dogs who laid down their lives

Gander the War Dog died protecting his brothers in arms. (Photo from: Ottawa Citizen)

Gander is a Newfoundland who served with the Royal Rifles of Canada in World War II. On December 5, 1941, the massive dog and his unit were deployed by Britain to participate in the Battle of Hong Kong. Like a good soldier, Gander fought the war with his brothers in arms. On two occasions, the Newfoundland turned back enemy advances, saving the lives of wounded troops. On the third occasion, a live grenade landed in the Canadian soldiers’ camp, which Gander picked up and ran back with towards the Japanese. He died when the bomb exploded. Gander’s service and heroism have been honored, and he was posthumously awarded a Dickin medal for “displaying conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.”

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#6 Rocco, the Pittsburgh Police Dog

Dogs are heroes too! Here are 8 dogs who laid down their lives

Rocco, the police dog, is honored and remembered via the Rocco Law, which protects other police dogs like him. (Photo credit:

Rocco is a law enforcement canine, and these dogs are often on the first line of defense. On January 28, 2014, a 21-year-old named John Rush attacked Deputy John Herb in the Pittsburgh Lawrenceville neighborhood. Another officer, Philip Lerza along with his eight-year-old K9 Rocco, went in pursuit of Rush after the attack. In the altercation that followed, Rush stabbed Lerza and Rocco before he was captured. Lerza’s injury was minor, but Rocco suffered stab wounds that damaged his spine and kidney. Even though Rocco underwent two surgeries and multiple blood transfusions, he developed pneumonia and his internal bleeding didn’t stop. He eventually passed away two days later, and was buried with full honors. A bill called “Rocco’s Law” is now being implemented in Pennsylvania, where it is a second-degree felony to hurt a police dog, and where offenders are fined $25,000 as well as can be imprisoned up to 10 years.

#5 Nero Saves His Family from Fire

Dogs are heroes too! Here are 8 dogs who laid down their lives

Nero woke up his family and saved them from a fire. (Photo credit: NBC)

On November 24, 2013, a Yorktown Heights home caught fire; but thanks to Nero, a Newfoundland, his owners were able to survive the fire. Maria Eliseo and her daughter Marie were sleeping when a fire started in their home, but Nero didn’t spare a moment in waking them up to be able to escape. Marie found her way out through the smoke, but Maria, who had just recently undergone a hip replacement surgery, had to be rescued by neighbors from a second-floor bedroom. Marie recalls that if it weren’t for Nero, she would not have gotten out in time. The family had thought that Nero had managed to escape the fire and that he was just lost, but his body was soon found in the ashes of the home, along with three other dogs. The father of the house, Giulio Eliseo, says that it is as if he lost a son with Nero gone.

#4 Troy Defends His Family

Dogs are heroes too! Here are 8 dogs who laid down their lives

Golden labrador. (Photo by BBC)

In November 2005, parents Sean and Dierdre Doherty were out on a family stroll in Randalstown Forest Park with their son Ben and four Labrador retrievers when a pit bull came to attack them. Sean and Dierdre, along with one of their dogs Cole, were injured by the pit bull. But Ben’s lab Troy came to fight with the pit bull, up until police arrived to the rescue. Troy had been badly injured fighting the other dog, and he died shortly thereafter. Of Troy, Sean said: “We are just devastated by Troy’s death. He always gave hugs [and he] put his head on your chest. We have cuts and bruises from the attack … We are so thankful to Troy for saving our lives.”

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#3 Ape, the FBI Dog

Dogs are heroes too! Here are 8 dogs who laid down their lives

German shepherd. (Photo by Ann Todd for NY Times)

On March 13, 2013, a 64-year-old man named Kurt Myers went on a shooting rampage, killing four people in upstate New York. Myers then hid out in an abandoned Herkimer bar, beginning a tense standoff with police and FBI agents that lasted hours. Ape, a Czech German shepherd, was assisting in the standoff, where he wore a camera that served as an eye for the policemen. Myers shot Ape in the chest, but Myers was killed in the firefight that pursued. The shepherd was rushed to a local veterinary clinic, but he passed away. Prior to his death, he’d only been on active duty for a little over two weeks. Ape was honored at the FBI’s headquarters in Quantico, Virginia, and his name added to a memorial wall for fallen canines.

#2 Toby vs. Bear

Dogs are heroes too! Here are 8 dogs who laid down their lives

A photo of brave Toby. (Photo credit:

On May 21, 2014, Chris Wacker was taking his father’s dog Toby out to gather mushrooms in northern Minnesota when they came upon two large bears with cubs. Toby, a black lab, sprang into action and was set upon by the female bear who weighed around 300 pounds. While Toby was fighting with the bear, Chris was able to run and escape. Ten minutes later, the grievously wounded Toby came limping home, sporting bite marks and six-inch deep gashes. John, Chris’ father, rushed Toby to the vet, but the poor dog died after a few days.

#1 Chief vs. Cobra

Dogs are heroes too! Here are 8 dogs who laid down their lives

Pit bull terrier. (Photo credit:

The American pit bull terrier is a notorious dog, but when properly raised they can be very loyal, loving and courageous. Chief from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines is such a dog. On February 12, 2007, a cobra slithered into the kitchen of Maria Frontreras’ home, menacing Maria and her elderly grandmother. The venomous snake could have easily killed the two women, but Chief seized it and shook it to death before it could bite. Sadly, the cobra was able to bite Chief on the jaw, too close to his brain. Chief slipped away, wagging his tail a few last times before he died with his family surrounding him. They gave their beloved pet Chief a hero’s burial. -KJ, Kami Media

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