6 tips to enhance your partner's orgasm

6 tips to enhance your partner's orgasm

6 tips to enhance your partner's orgasm

Do you know the difference between “yeah that’s good” and “OOOOH! Yeah! What was that?” The difference is that in the second case you tried your best to please your special other as best you could and succeeded. Here are some tips to give your partner a more intense sensation!

Make him want you with his brain, not only with his body

Foreplay is not only positive that it equalizes the chances of you getting pleasure. A man needs foreplay as well so his emotional state won’t fall behind his physical state. If he is ‘emotionally horny’ his sensations would be much more powerful.

Here is a good tip to keep his emotional state up to his physical state: when you’re kissing try moving your lips from his neck to his ears. It will cause a burst of hormones that are responsible for his emotional excitement.

Don’t hurry to get undressed

To passionately tear clothes off each other and throw it on the chandelier is awesome. However, you can try another method.

Try looking him in the eyes and slowly and sensually take one piece of clothing off after another. This is a great way to prepare your partner for an explosive orgasm, so don’t forget to include it in your menu.

The 'Electric Touch'

If you start your workout, you begin with a warm up. Sex needs its warmups as well.

Before making love you have to warm his penis up by caressing it from the tip to the base. By doing so, you’ll ‘wake up’ many nerve endings and this will increase his sensitivity by calibrating his mind to react even to the slightest touch.

Unrestrained passion

Before letting your partner’s penis in you, dedicate some time to pleasuring him orally. Move your tongue around his shaft a couple of times, and then move on to his glans. Try tickling him with your tongue and then immediately let him penetrate you while his nerve endings are still on edge.

Hold him at peak

When you’re pleasuring a man, allow him to come up to the edge of pleasure but don’t let him cross that line. When you start feeling he’s about to come, stop and let him catch his breath. However, don’t stop touching him, keep caressing him lightly. When he's caught his breath return to your former speed.

When you allow him to orgasm, it’s going to be much more intense.

Use each moment

When his pleasure is beginning to peak and he's beginning to come this is no time to sit idle. Start moving faster! Men have a tendency to slow down when approaching an orgasm, trying to bask in the sensation. However, if you keep the stimulation coming he’ll be able to enjoy every second of the act.

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