Pangilinan: double doctors’ salary to combat brain drain

Pangilinan: double doctors’ salary to combat brain drain

- Higher salaries in foreign countries attract many Filipino health professionals

- To encourage them to stay, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan plans to file Senate Bill 57 to double government doctors’ salaries

- According to Pimentel, the rural communities are in need of doctors and therefore there is a need to incentivize them to remain in the Philippines

With Filipino doctors becoming more attracted to higher salaries overseas, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan files a Senate bill to increase the salary of government doctors to encourage them to stay in the Philippines.

The Senate Bill 57, or also known as the Government Doctors’ Salary Upgrading Act, recommends to double the minimum salary of government doctors from Salary Grade 16 (P28,417 on first tranche) to Salary Grade 24 (P56,610 on first tranche).

Pangilinan: double doctors’ salary to combat brain drain

Senator Pangilinan proposes to double government doctors' salaries. (Photo from Inquirer)

Senator Pangilinan regrets that many of the nation’s doctors go abroad in search for higher compensation, especially when they are needed in the Philippines.

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We understand the need of our doctors for higher compensation. It is unfortunate that many of them choose to work abroad rather than continue their medical profession here in our country where they are most needed’ Pimentel said last Friday.

Pangalinan hopes that the bill will be able to encourage doctors to stay and work in public hospitals, noting that the World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement in 2013 showing that an estimated 22,000 health professionals leave the Philippines for greener pastures abroad.

“Also, according to the International Organization for Migration, the Philippines faces well in terms of the education and health components of human development index (HDI) but is less successful in the provision of decent income, a dimension that is inextricably linked to employment,” the Senator added.

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The brain drain of doctors is a huge problem, with only 10 percent of the rural Filipinos benefiting from the country’s health care system.

The Senator noted that the people living in rural areas are the most vulnerable and therefore are ‘the ones who need the most help from our doctors.’

The Senator vows that the Government Doctor’s Upgrading Bill is on the top of his legislative agenda in the upcoming 17 Congress.

The Bill also hopes to address the ‘brain drain’ phenomenon happening with other professions within the Philippines. - Kami Media

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