Chinese wife beats and strips her husband’s mistress

Chinese wife beats and strips her husband’s mistress

- A video showing two women fighting at an airport has surfaced online

- In the video, the alleged wife can be seen beating and stripping the alleged mistress

- This is the second video of a similar incidence that has emerged online this week

All hell broke loose at an airport in China when a woman caught her husband with his mistress, or so the video seemed to portray. The footage is said to have been uploaded on the site Toutiao, and shows two women caught in a catfight with onlookers trying to break up the commotion.

According to reports, the incident occurred at the Wenzhou Longwan International Airport in Zheijang province, eastern China. In the clip, an enraged woman wearing a white top and black pants is seen attacking and dragging a woman wearing a black shirt and a red skirt. The woman in white, supposed as the wife, then continues to strip the other woman (supposed as the mistress), even as passersby attempt to reason with her and stop the altercation.

The alleged husband can also be seen intervening, but to no avail. The angry wife couldn’t seem to stop, even going as far as pulling the mistress by the hair and yanking her arm along with her black shirt, a move seemingly to publicly embarrass the mistress.

Chinese wife beats and strips her husband’s mistress

Woman beats her husband's mistress (Photo from

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As why the trio was at the airport, there have been no further details. But it is assumed that the cheating couple may have been coming from or was on the way to a trip when the wife spotted them.

Those who commented on the video sided with the mistress, saying that the husband was the one to blame. One comment even went: “[A] smart woman [does] not fight a mistress. There is [an obvious] reason for her to lose her man. Do not blame the mistress, blame yourself.”

There were others who sided with the wife too, saying of the mistress: “Nasty little mistress. Always [wanting] something for nothing.” Another comment also went: “Do not hit. She should be stripped in public.”

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It can be recalled that just last July 14, a video of Chinese women fighting, allegedly another ‘mistress-attack,’ was also uploaded on the internet. In this video shot in the streets of Zhengzhou, Henan province, also in eastern China, two Chinese women are seen attacking a third female. Reports claim that the female, whose clothes were being ripped off and whose hair was being cut, was the mistress of one of the attackers’ husband. – KJ, Kami Media

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