Most controversial celebrity breakups

Most controversial celebrity breakups

- All is fair in love and war they say, but these celebrity breakups were a whole lot messier

- Break-ups are nothing new in the celebrity world, but these couples went through controversies in their public uncoupling

- The list includes married couples Sunshine and Cesar, and Ai-ai and Jed

“Walang forever!” Or so these celebrity couples would say. Here are the 10 messiest breakups of Philippine show business personalities.

1) Ronald Singson and Lovi Poe

Most controversial celebrity breakups

Ronald and Lovi has a 20-year age gap. (Photo credit:

Singson, an Ilocos Sur congressman, is the son of controversial politician Chavit Singson, while Lovi Poe is the daughter of the late Fernando Poe, Jr.

The mess: Following an argument that led to the couple breaking up, Ronald was caught in Hong Kong in 2010 for illegal drug possession and served jail time in the country for almost a year. The two supposedly kept in touch through Ronald’s jail time, but when he returned to the country, it was unclear if the two got back together.

In March 2013, Lovi revealed that there were a lot of people around them whom she couldn’t deal with anymore.

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2) Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban

Most controversial celebrity breakups

Angelica and Derek pose for a magazine cover. (Photo credit:

Derek and Angelica seemed to be the perfect couple, and they did last for six years. But news spread of Derek still being technically married during the time of their relationship, and this somehow put a strain between the couple.

The mess: Even though the couple ended their relationship amicably, things took a sour turn in November 2012 when Angelica began speaking out about Derek. According to the actress, her ex had been controlling.

3) Jaypee Santos and Janine Tugonon

Most controversial celebrity breakups

Janine and Jaypee during a TV interview. (Photo credit:

Jaypee and Janine were a ‘normal’ couple prior to Janine winning the Binibining Pilipinas and consequently representing the country in the Miss Universe 2012 pageant. However, after a year of going steady, things went on a downward spiral for the couple during Janine’s term as the Miss Universe 2012 First Runner-up.

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The mess: Janine, during an interview with Kris Aquino and with Jaypee right beside her, bluntly put out that she and Jaypee were going through a tough time in their relationship.

To add insult to injury, she then went on to gush about ‘The Script’ frontman Danny O’Donoghue, whom she was reported to be flirting with (Danny was in a long-time relationship himself) at the time.

4) Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion

Most controversial celebrity breakups

KC and Piolo in London. (Photo credit:

Love seemed to bloom for Piolo and KC during the run of their 2009 soap opera, “Lovers in Paris.” The two even went to a Star Magic Ball together, but it was only in early 2011 that the couple announced their relationship. The end of the same year saw a different story, however, as the couple was reported to have been broken up.

The mess: After the break-up, KC made some tearful statements that implied that Piolo was not able to fulfill his role as her boyfriend. Even KC’s mom, Sharon Cuneta, had to keep herself from weighing in on the failed relationship—but she did get into a Twitter argument with Piolo in the middle of the chaos.

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5) Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado

Most controversial celebrity breakups

Jen and Dennis during a Blackberry event. (Photo credit:

Dennis and Jennylyn’s love affair began during the taping of their 2010 TV soap, ‘Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak.’ The two also shared a love for biking.

The mess: The two were together for a year, but jealousy tainted their relationship as Jennylyn has a child with actor Patrick Garcia, and this didn’t sit too well with Dennis. It was also reported that Dennis was verbally and physically abusive. Jennylyn took up self-defense lessons after their break-up.

6) Jericho Rosales and Heart Evangelista

Most controversial celebrity breakups

Jericho and Heart during happier days. (Photo credit:

Another seemingly perfect has-been couple is Jericho and Heart, who was actually together for three years. Despite being already broken up, and being married now to their respective spouses, the two admit to still having fond memories of their relationship.

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The mess: Heart supposedly broke up with Jericho in an e-mail while the actor was in Malaysia taping for a soap opera. The break-up had confused Jericho when he returned to the Philippines, and despite having already been in several relationships in the past, the actor described his break-up with Heart as something that left him “wasak na wasak.” But, again, the two are happily married now, Heart to Chiz Escudero and Jericho to Kim Jones.

7) Matt Evans and Johnelline Hickins

Most controversial celebrity breakups

Matt and Johnelline. (Photo credit:

The former PBB housemate has a child with Johnelline, but the young couple’s relationship was short-lived due to alleged domestic abuse and family issues.

The mess: Matt went to jail after Johnelline filed a case against him, alleging that he had physically abused her. Of the relationship, Matt said that he would be around for their child, but that he could no longer be back with Johnelline. Matt is now married to Katrina Farinas.

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8) Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz

Most controversial celebrity breakups

Sunshine and Cesar in all black. (Photo from

Another May-December relationship is that of Cesar and Sunshine, who were 37 and 22 respectively when they both tied the knot in the year 2000. The couple has three daughters but is now living separately.

The mess: The breaking up of their marriage was reportedly due to Cesar’s womanizing ways. Cesar has three other children from two other women, apart from rumors of him having extra-marital affairs. Sunshine was quoted to have said that she fought hard for their relationship, but that she has decided to let Cesar go.

9) Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos

Most controversial celebrity breakups

Mo and Rhian in a vacation pic. (Photo credit:

This is another May-December relationship, although an illegitimate one. It was reported that Rhian was only 16 and under-aged when she met and had a dating relationship with radio DJ Mo Twister.

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The mess: Their 2011 break-up was surrounded by abortion rumors and a lot of social media (videos and tweets) exchanges. Mo and Rhian claimed to love each other, but it seemed like there was so much in between them (such as the huge age gap and the un-readiness for a mature relationship at the time) that kept them apart.

10) Ai-ai Delas Alas and Jed Salang

Most controversial celebrity breakups

Ai-ai and Jed at a party. (Photo credit:

A reverse May-December is what happened for Ai-ai and ex-husband Jed, who met at a club in a Manila casino in 2012. In the same month that the couple met, the two admitted to having loved each other despite their fresh relationship. Ai-ai was 21 years Jed’s senior at the time that they got together. They married in 2013 at a Las Vegas wedding.

The mess: A month after the Las Vegas wedding, the couple was reported to have already broken up. Ai-ai went on the show ‘The Buzz’ where she revealed that Jed was prone to gambling, infidelity, and physical violence. Ai-ai also admitted (what many others could already see) that Jed was only after what she could give him. In the same month that the break-up was announced, Ai-ai filed a VAWC (violence against women and children) case against Jed, as well as asked for a protection order so that Jed could no longer hurt her or her kids. -KJ, Kami Media

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