Dennis Padilla shares accidental encounter with daughter Julia

Dennis Padilla shares accidental encounter with daughter Julia

- Dennis Padilla talked about the unexpected encounter with his daughter, Julia, three months ago

- Padilla shared that he hugged his daughter but had to step back afterwards as he got emotional and might tear up

- He confessed of how it was hard for him to be separated from his children and that he wishes to spend more time with them soon

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Actor Dennis Padilla has opened up about his accidental meeting with daughter Julia Barretto at the gym three months back.

In a guest appearance on ‘Magandang Buhay’ on Thursday, July 21, Padilla explained that both of them were frequently visiting the same gym but had yet to cross paths until that fortunate day. He also added that it has already taken over a year before he was able to see Barretto again.

Padilla recalled how he failed to speak to Barretto except for a short yet sweet, “I love you, anak (my child),” when they hugged each other. Following the confession, Padilla allowed his daughter to continue her workout routine as he put a respectable amount of distance between the two of them – fearing he might burst into tears in public.

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Upon noticing that Barretto was done and set to leave, Padilla asked if they could have their photograph taken. The photo surfaced online showing the pair sporting a friendly smile.

Padilla admitted that as difficult as it was to be separated from his wife, it was tougher to be away from his children. The actor came clean of his shortcomings as a parent, but was willing to mend their relationship and improve his ties with them. Despite knowing there’s a time for everything, Padilla could not help but express his increasing age and that he would prefer to be able to bond with his children soon while he still can.

As for Barretto, she clarified that she had already patched up things with her father even before their encounter at the gym. She was surprised as she called out to her dad, but said that they had been speaking to each other for a while already.

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When asked about Marjorie Barretto’s reaction regarding the incident, the actress assured that her mother was supportive of her and lets her do things at her own pace.

The tension between the father and daughter began when the latter wanted to legally drop Padilla’s last name, Baldivia. Although Padilla assumed it was because of his lack of financial support, Atty. Lorna Kapunan said that was not the reason behind the actress’ decision. It was only a matter of preventing confusion as she has been mostly known as Barretto and wanted to formalize it in the NSO records.

Barretto expressed her happiness that her relationship with Padilla was improving slowly but surely, and how she wanted for them to be okay with each other. - Kami Media

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