10 reasons why men get mistresses

10 reasons why men get mistresses

There are reasons why a husband ends up looking for a mistress. It is not always about the intimacy. There are other reasons, too. Some are as follows:

You stopped being nice

Believe it or not, but mistresses are known to be kinder than the legal wife. This is where the saying “a little kindness goes a long way” stands true.  The reality of the situation is that the legal wives more likely become harsh as time passes by and forget that their husbands are humans, too. So, men tend to give in to women who are kinder and who can give them more appreciation and consideration. Many times, men are not taken with dignity by their own wives. Their hard work is not appreciated as often as before. With this, men become agitated and more easily tempted by women who affirm their humanity.

You lose interest in his hobbies

10 reasons why men get mistresses

Watch his favorite game with him

The truth of the matter is this: many extramarital affairs stem from two individuals finding common interest - like finding the same hobbies. For instance, a man finds an attractive woman at the gym who is as determined as he is. Another instance would be a man finds out a Pokémon Go fan who he can relate with and not someone who keeps on nagging and telling him to stop playing. If you don’t want this to happen to you, then you better try and invest time learning his hobbies.

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You no longer seek his opinion

When you stop asking for your husband’s opinion, they feel less important. Yes, men do feel it too. Thus, if you don’t want your man to find someone who seeks out for his opinion, then better solicit for his opinion and actually listen to what he has to say.  It doesn’t matter whether you are smarter than he is. What is important is that he feels that you are interested in his perspective.

You don't cook for your husband

10 reasons why men get mistresses

Try your best to cook for your husband.

In this busy world where we live in, it is sometimes difficult to take time and cook real food for our partners. However, do know that this could lead to something you might regret in the future. As much as you could, try your best to cook food for your partner. Make an effort to at least prepare a decent meal for him when he wakes up and when he comes home from work. If you don’t know how to cook, at least show him that your trying. Start with some fried eggs, maybe?

You stopped affirming your husband

Praise your man for a job he did well. Thank him for running errands. Show him that you are grateful for everything he has done. Do these or someone else will.

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You keep on complaining

Yes, most women, especially wives, do not know when to shut up. There is just something in a woman that pushes him to nag nonstop. This, on the other hand, can have negative results, especially if your partner is tired. Know when to shut up and just leave him be. This is where the saying “if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all” works. If you think your man is not in the mood for some nagging and complaining, just you’re your mouth shut – or at least keep your complains to yourself or your girlfriends.

You refrain from wearing sexier undies

10 reasons why men get mistresses

Try to make yourself look sexy once in awhile

While it is true that night jammies, granny panties, and oversized shirts are comfy, it is also true that lingerie are sexy and more attractive. Try to spice up some of your evenings by wearing sexy undies or lingerie. It’s not too much if you invest in at least two outfits that you can wear to bed every once in a while.

You do not like oral sex; the mistress does

It is a given. Men like receiving oral sex. It is also true that they also like giving one. However, there are just women who are not comfortable in doing receiving this. Reasons vary. But do know that this provides a different kind of intimacy and bond that actually makes your man crave and want you more.

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You stopped making yourself look good

Wives tend to get so busy and consumed in being a good wife that they forget to look after themselves.  But spending a day off to actually pamper yourself – get a new dress or have a new haircut – is not too much to ask. Don’t forget to give yourself some “me” time or your husband might end up looking for more attractive women.

You do not agree to having sex more often 

10 reasons why men get mistresses

Give in to what he wants

Men love sex. And sometimes, not getting it can drive them insane. It is more often than not one of the most common reasons why they get tempted – because you did not have the time or you were always tired. Remember that your husband is your topmost priority, and that includes making him happy. Consider that.

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