This Russian man's haunting tale will send chills down your spine

This Russian man's haunting tale will send chills down your spine

This Russian man's haunting tale will send chills down your spine

"This incident happened two years ago. I was coming home from a work trip and my bus was only due in three hours. So while I was waiting a woman on the street approached me and I noticed her immediately.

It was Zina, my ex-wife. We had a divorce twelve years ago and it seemed to me she hadn’t changed a bit since that day. The only thing I noticed was how pale she was, probably because this surprise meeting shocked her as much as it did me. The reason why we got a divorce was my jealousy: if she was late, I immediately felt a heaviness in my heart and I would worry. I was even jealous when she was at her mother’s! In the end, she just couldn’t take my everyday jealous-husband interrogations. One day I came home with a puppy in my coat so I could surprise my wife, but she was just gone. The house was empty and there was a note on the table.

In the note she wrote that she was leaving me, although she still loved me very much. She asked my forgiveness and told me not to look for her… After all these years I come across her where I least expected her to be. We were talking for a long time and I noticed that I just remembered that I could be late for my bus.

I decided to tell her "I’m sorry I have to go, my bus will leave soon."

To which Zina replied "Sasha, please, do me a favor. I understand that you’re in a hurry, but please don’t refuse my request, it means a lot to me. I just have to go this office building, it’s very important, but I can’t go there alone."

Of course I agreed but told her that we should hurry.

We entered some big building were we walked from one wing to another, going up and down long flights of stairs. The building was full of people of all ages. But all I could think about then was Zina. At some point she just entered a room and shut the door.

Just before closing the door she looked at me and said "It’s so weird that I couldn’t be with you and couldn’t be without you."

I just stood at that door and waited for her to come out. I wanted to ask her what that sentence meant, but she just didn’t come out. At that point, I totally forgot I was running late for my bus! That’s the moment I looked around and saw that the office I was in was an abandoned building. Instead of windows there were gaping holes, there were no stairs, only wooden planks that I had trouble climbing down. I was late for my bus by an hour so I had to buy a new ticket.

While I was waiting for my new bus I heard news that the bus that I was supposed to be on got into a horrible crash and fell into a river. In two weeks I found Zina’s mother and went to her. She told me that Zina died 11 years ago, a year after our divorce. I couldn’t believe her and thought maybe she was just trying to protect her daughter from her ex-husband.

However, when I asked her to show me the grave of my wife she agreed to my surprise. In a couple of hours I was standing at a tombstone with the face of my wife, that I loved all my life, smiling at me, etched on its side."

Do you believe his story?

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