Video of boys burning puppies caused public outrage

Video of boys burning puppies caused public outrage

- A video of five boys torturing and burning to death three puppies has caused public outrage

- The video shows the puppies screaming and trying to get out of the flames but were pushed back by the boys using sticks

- The five boys have been arrested by the police

A disturbing video of five boys tying three puppies upside down and then throwing the helpless animals into the fire has gone viral and has caused great public outrage. The video also shows the puppies screaming as they were being burned alive.

The puppies can also be seen in the video trying to escape the flames but they were pushed back into the fire by the boys using sticks.

The boys also decided to film their cruelty and share it on social media. All five of them were arrested by the police but they can leave jail by paying a fine of Rs 50.

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Video of boys burning puppies caused public outrage

3 puppies (Photo: Hyderabad)

Reports say that the disturbing animal abuse incident took place at a graveyard on July 16 in Hyderabad, India.  According to the Indian Penal Code sections 428 and 429, it is illegal to cause injury to any animal.  Despite these laws, many animal abusers have been able to avoid heavy penalties for their crimes.

Just a month ago, a video was shared online which shows two Indian students throwing a dog to its death from the rooftop. That video also went viral and caused outrage around the world.

The two students involved in the crime were arrested but have been set free already by the authorities. Animal advocacy groups have called for the government to implement stricter measures and harsher punishments for violators of the law.

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The increasing rise in animal cruelty among the young people of India has alarmed the public. Many parents have already called for an emphasis on teaching humanity, compassion and empathy in their schools. Lessons in school that would promote the importance of caring for and protecting animals, especially pets, were also urged by the concerned citizens of India.

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