Thai model harassed by Chinese tourists in airport

Thai model harassed by Chinese tourists in airport

- A Thai model shared a video taken at a Korean Airport showing Chinese tourists pushing and shoving people around to cut the line and go first in the airport queue.

- She also complained of having her feet stepped over by the Chinese tourists and having her hair pulled at

- She shared the video on Facebook but had to take it down due to the threats and harsh comments she received from several Chinese social media users

Duangjai Phichitamphon, a model from Thailand, had an unfortunate experience of encountering Chinese tourists in an airport in Korea. She uploaded the video and the chaotic encounter has gone viral on social media.

According to the model, the airport queue was peaceful at first with the tourists respecting the line and waiting for their turn. Suddenly, a horde of Chinese tourists arrived and decided to cut the line and display rude behavior towards the other tourists in the airport.

Duangjai said that some of the Chinese tourists pushed her, stepped on her feet and even pulled at her hair.

Thai model harassed by Chinese tourists in airport

Thai model (Photo: Facebook / Duangjai Phichitamphon)

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She then decided to record a video of what the Chinese tourists were doing and they can be seen shoving and pushing people around. The Thai model proceeded to rant about the other poor manners allegedly displayed by Chinese tourists, particularly their unhygienic manner of using public toilets.

“They don’t know what it means to have manners, to follow a line, or to have courtesy for others,” Duangjai said in her native language.

She then shared the clip on her Facebook page where it was viewed over a million times. Her controversial video clip attracted mainland Chinese citizens who bullied, criticized, mocked and harassed on the social media site.

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One of the comments from a Chinese Facebook user said: “I want to kill you… You should die.”

Others criticized the country of Thailand, calling it as “the most degenerated country” that ever existed.

Many of the Chinese commenters also called her a “ladyboy” or a transvestite. Some also accused the Thai model of using plastic surgery in order to look beautiful. Due to the threatening and harsh comments made against her, Duangjai decided to take the controversial video down.

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