Ramos to discuss issues about envoy mission with Duterte

Ramos to discuss issues about envoy mission with Duterte

- Former President Fidel V. Ramos listed his concerns about his envoy mission

- He worries about his health condition and his family’s opinion on the matter

- Ramos had already requested a meeting with President Duterte to discuss  his offer

As much as former President Fidel V. Ramos was thankful and even considered President Rodrigo Duterte’s request an honor, he could not help but take into consideration his current state on whether he would accept being a special envoy to China.

During his launch and signing of his latest book called ‘For A Better Philippines-World,’ Ramos informed the media that he has asked for an appointment with Duterte to clarify his position on the latter’s offer. He added that he was willing to adjust on the time and place of their possible meeting in order not to be an inconvenience.

The former president could still not come up with a decision as he listed his worries if he would be sent to China, following the tribunal’s ruling which favored the Philippines regarding the claim over the South China Sea.

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The 88-year old’s first concern was his health condition as he has undergone a surgery last October which resulted in him having a pacemaker installed. He noted that a doctor who is knowledgeable of his situation must be present at all times, and a medical clearance from his doctors was also important.

Ramos also addressed that he was still in the middle of ‘finishing his commitments to the millennials,’ also taking into account what his family would say. He shared that he still have to iron out the offer with his wife whom he has an obligation too. Furthermore, Ramos also talked about his five children and eight grandchildren as they have a project for each other.

Ramos to discuss issues about envoy mission with Duterte

President Duterte and former President Ramos absorbed in a conversation during the former’s testimonial dinner. (Photo credit: philstar.com)

Duterte informally made the request during a testimonial dinner with former classmates and schoolmates from San Beda College of Law at Club Filipino in San Juan.

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At first, Ramos thought it was only a joke from the president and failed to hear the announcement as he was out of range that moment.

In an interview with The Philippine Star, a Palace official who wished to remain unnamed considered Duterte’s offer a ‘master stroke’ in diplomacy.

According to the head of the state during the testimonial dinner, in order to avoid for the situation to take a turn to the worse, they should observe carefulness. Duterte already threw war out of the window as an option, therefore resorting only to peace talks. He was unable to dive into details as he reasoned that he still needs to consult several people, former President Ramos included. -Kami Media

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