Top 10 most common male sex fantasies

Top 10 most common male sex fantasies

Different people have different sexual desires. After questioning many men, sexologists made a list of the most common male wishes in sex. Read on and learn how to pleasure him!

Top 10 most common male sex fantasies

1) He wants a girl that can get horny

Yes, women often need more time to get horny. And because a loving man is ready to take you step by step to the 'land of milk and honey' he would much prefer if you could turn yourself on, when your bodies are pulled to each other like magnets.

Many women still consider that its’ a man’s duty to turn her on. However, if you want to experience full pleasure you’ll have to put in some effort.

Our tip for getting horny is to close your eyes and try to imagine whatever comes to mind when you usually masturbate.

2) He wants sex to be fun

Only in Hollywood, apart from romcoms, and porn does sex pass without any uncomfortable incidents. In life, we constantly hit each other or get into other clumsy situations. But the important thing is to say “so what?!” have a laugh and keep on going at it. Do anything to make the sex more fun for example; you can try making bets about your sex, like who will finish first.

3) He wants you to hint what you need

He would have wanted to be able to read your wishes just by looking into your eyes. That’s why he wants you to tell him what you want.

Most don’t want your instructions to sound like an order (unless they're into that of course). Try to think of a way to hint your desires to him.

4) He wants to look

“Once when we were having sex my girlfriend took me to the mirror so we could see ourselves in the process. I thought it was extremely sexy but what got me even harder was how she got even hornier from it.” – T., 21

5) He wants you to be bold

Women are often afraid of being too bold because they’re drying to upkeep their “good girl” image, but men want you to be

What’s he waiting for? Practically anything, because he just wants to see how much you love sex.

6) He wants some “WOW what was that?!”

If you want to be his special one you’ll have to try hard to surprise him. Make him think about the next day. He’ll never forget it.

There’s no need to go extra-hard and do acrobatics but trying a new oral technique on him might give him the surprising jolt your sexlife needs.

7) He wants some diversity

Any changes to the script (speed, the strength, position etc.) will make the act  more interesting and more pleasurable. Diversity will hold a man in excited and hard longer, because he’ll never know what to expect.

Don’t forget to change up your speed and positions and guaranteed he’ll be in for pleasant surprise!

8) He wants surprise sex

Returning from a camping trip? Offer him to take a “wrong turn” and have sex somewhere in the wild. There’s always a place for spontaneous sex.

Me and my girlfriend were eating at a restaurant and she suddenly put her hand under the table and started to pleasure me. It was incredible!” –T., 23

9) He wants to own you

Do you want your man to turn into a sex beast? Tell him something along the lines of “Take me from behind! I’m all yours!”

He subliminally wants to express his primitive lust. Try to kiss him passionately and tell him if he wants more he needs to come and take it!

10) Sometimes he just wants to do nothing

That’s right! Sometimes he just wants to lay back, relax and have you pleasure him.

“I was dating a woman who seemed a real bookworm at first, but when we got into bed she was like a wild cat! Before I could do anything she threw me onto the bed, tied my hands and gave me the best head in my life! I didn’t move a finger.” – B.26

You can try this method: Undress your man, kiss him from the legs up climbing higher and higher. When you’re ready climb up on him in the reverse cowgirl position. This way he can only watch and admire you!

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