This Pirates fan's reactions are the real deal

This Pirates fan's reactions are the real deal

- A young Pirates fan was caught on video expressing all kinds of reactions during the entire game between Pittsburgh Pirates and the Washington Nationals last Sunday.

- The game consisted of 540 pitches, and the young fan reacted to most of the pitches made.

- The Pirates won with 2-1

A young fan lived his life to the fullest during the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Washington Nationals baseball game held last Sunday.

A small child wearing a yellow Under Armour top went through a roller coaster ride of emotions during the entire game marathon which lasted about 5 hours and 48 minutes. The Pirates fan gave all that he could – emotionally speaking – in all of the 540 pitches.

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The young boy went from happy to sad, from excited to disappointed, and from frustrated to bored. It was is his whole life was composed in this 18-inning baseball game. He experienced every single emotion over those 18 innings, and the game did its part to inspire him.

Thankfully, the Pirates won the game with a score of 2-1, making all of the young fan’s shouting, jumping, clapping, yawning, cheering, and all the in-betweens all worth it.

The boy’s roller coaster ride during the entire game was genuine. When one would look at the video and the photos of him, you would know that he was in it – that he prepared himself for this day. It was a day that really mattered to him. He has got to give it his all and he did.

This Pirates fan's reactions are the real deal
There is still hope.
This Pirates fan's reactions are the real deal
Then there's disappointment.
This Pirates fan's reactions are the real deal
There was anger, too.

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Like this boy, we have been through a similar moment in life – at least one. It doesn't matter whether it was a game or not. What matters is that we know we have been in the same situation – we have given our all at some point in our lives; we have felt all kinds of emotions in one sitting.

The game became the longest game in National history with regard to innings. However, it would seem like the Nationals were not expecting the game would end that way.

Pirates’ win was a home run to the left field bleachers by left fielder Starling Marte.

Look at the boy's emotions here:

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