Binay to voters: Do not vote for Duterte

Binay to voters: Do not vote for Duterte

United Nationalist Alliance standard bearer Vice President Jejomar Binay brazenly called Duterte a lying, heartless executioner.

This statement followed Duterte's denial of his involvement in the extrajudicial killings in Davao City, an alleged anti-crime strategy critics fear he would conduct on a national scale if he wins as president. In his campaign speech on Friday, Duterte said he could not kill women, children, or people who surrendered to authorities.

To counter this, Binay pointed out Duterte's previous public admissions in his role in extrajudicial killings - on May 24, 2015, Duterte freely admitted his involvement in the death squad on a local ABS-CBN channel in Davao, and on December 2015, when asked in an interview if he had killed many people, Duterte replied "Jesus, Mary and Joseph, many."

Binay believes that Duterte is not fit to be president, as "the presidency is not for the unprincipled and inconsistent. It is not for liars, braggarts and most especially merciless killers."

This is the second time in 3 days that Binay has personally criticized Duterte. The recent exchange between Duterte and his rivals was sparked by skepticism over his promise to end crime in 3 to 6 months. His critics fear that his strategy would be carried out without due process, as well as hurting poor and innocent suspects as well.

Binay stresses that because poverty is the main reason for crime, the real solution to end crime would be to alleviate poverty; killing is unconstitutional, and not targeting the root of the problem. "We do not need a leader who wantonly disregards the sanctity of human life and whose only wrong solution to the pressing problem of poverty is to kill the poor", said Binay.

With elections in less than a month,  Binay urges Filipinos to vote responsibly- and insists that it is a moral responsibility to reframe from voting for Duterte as well as to dissuade others from voting for the latter.


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