Nude women protest Trump at RNC

Nude women protest Trump at RNC

Editor's Note: This article contains nudity and may be disturbing to some viewers.

- Many women are reacting adversely against Donald Trump’s sexist views

- A project entitled 'Everything She Says Means Everything' comprise of women who go nude to protest Trump

- Spencer Tunick, a veteran of mass-scale nude shoots, choreographs these installations

One hundred nude women stood proudly at the area where the Republican National Convention (RNC) was held, as they raised round mirrors in protest of Trump’s sexist views a day before the slated convention.

The women went to the venue early in the morning and stripped naked at around 6:53 a.m. They all stood proud and tall, each holding a round mirror to reflect the morning sun, delivering a message of hope and inspiration to those who feel that they are being undermined and made the subject of Trump’s sexist views.

Nude women protest Trump at RNC

Some of the women who went commando in protest against Trump.

(photo credit:

Although there were cops and firefighters in the area, which the nude women protesters feared, the officers did not do anything to break apart the women’s formation. They hovered around but did not harm the 'art warriors', as what the women were called.

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The public display of nudity was part of Spencer Tunick’s project. Tunick is a photographer who is known for organizing mass-scale nude shoots since the 90s. He would invite men and women to join in his projects.

One of his projects, called 'Everything She Says Means Everything', is comprised only of women who are united in their stand against the rhetoric of many Republican candidates. Tunick said that the women comprising the group share a common ground – which is being able to express their anger through art in contradiction of the words used by the Republican Party against the minorities and women.

Nude women protest Trump at RNC

The women participated in photographer Spencer Tunick's project 'Everything She Says Means Everything'. (photo credit:

According to Tunic, this anger was further heightened when Trump chose Mike Pence as his running mate. Pence is a known anti-abortionist rights advocate, whom many of these women clearly despise.

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While the group has its own advocacy, Tunick also has his own personal stand against Trump. According to him, he wishes his two daughters to “grow up in a progressive world with equal rights and equal pay and better treatment for women.

The slot for the RNC project was for only 100 women but there were 1,800 who signed up. Both Republicans and Liberals had taken part in the installation.-SD, Kami Media

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