5 Creepy crawlers' attacks caught on video

5 Creepy crawlers' attacks caught on video

Creepy crawlers such as insects, spiders and scorpions are small but terrible. Both little children and fully-grown adults scream and run at the sight of these tiny but fierce creatures.

5 Creepy crawlers' attacks caught on video

Terrifying insect attack on humans

Here are some of the terrifying creepy crawler attacks on humans caught on video that will freak you out. Some of these clips are thrilling, some are gross and some are hilarious. Check them out!

1. Monster spider attacks daddy

Daddies are responsible for putting food on the table, being a good role model to the children, loving the wife, and protecting the family from giant spiders.

The brave daddy in this video fought his fear and tried to capture a giant spider on the ceiling. Unfortunately, his fear took over him in the end as the big spider attacked him when tried to make his move.

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2. Giant maggot parasite living on boy’s scalp

Some boys like domesticated animals as their pets like dogs and cats. However, some boys prefer to have more exotic pets such as snakes, lizards and maggots.

This boy had a giant botfly maggot living on his scalp for a month before he decided to have it removed. The removal of the maggot from the boy’s scalp might make your skin crawl and make you vomit.

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3. Ants build nest in poor girl’s ears

A 12-year-old Indian girl had 1,000 ants removed from her ears. She first complained of irritation and then ants started coming out of her ears.

4. Flying cockroach

Cockroaches are pretty disgusting when they are crawling on the ground. But when they start to fly? The toughest men usually start squealing at the sight of a flying cockroach!

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5. Scorpion stings guy

Thrill-seekers and adrenaline rush junkies are known for doing highly dangerous activities to get excitement out of life. This particular thrill-seeker decided to excite himself and his viewers by getting stung by a scorpion. The slow-motion clip of the scorpion attack is scary and fascinating at the same time.

If these videos did not satisfy you, here is one more insect attack that will make you cringe.

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