10 guys remember the best sex in their lives

10 guys remember the best sex in their lives

There’s a saying that goes “sex for a man is like pizza – even bad pizza is good”. But what really makes sex fantastic for a man? Here are ten opinions that prove it can be anything: from anything from brutal moves to caresses and romantics.

10 guys remember the best sex in their lives

“I was dating a sweet and polite girl but when it came to sex she wanted me to be as aggressive as I could with her.” I was never rough with women and I felt really nervous. We had foreplay for a long time, rough and shameless before we got down to business. I was pulling her hair, held her wrists, and threw her across the bed (with her consent of course). She showed me my passionate side of me and I was never the same after that sex. – N., 23

“It happened with my girlfriend in a wardrobe in her room.” The feeling of danger that her parents would catch us, the spontaneity in addition with the strange pick of the place made the feelings unbelievable. –P., 24

“It was on New Year.” We ran from the guests, our drunk friends and when we came home, she came out of the bathroom in a silk negligee… That night we didn’t stop at anything. In the end, we fell asleep from exhaustion, sweaty and tired. It was a great New Year! –C., 22

“The best sex in my life will be with the one I love” I haven’t met her yet, but the short dates and one night stands I have while I’m searching for her are quite fun. –D., 26

“The best sex in my life was the first sex with my current girlfriend” We met when I was on sophomore year and she was a freshman. When I saw her I couldn’t say anything except “Hi your hair is so pretty!”

We were friends for a couple of years, our feeling were platonic. I was supposed to go camping for a month, I met her that evening, and she asked me why I never invited her for a cup of coffee…and kissed me. We couldn’t let go of each other so we went back to my place. We did it three times in a row: in the kitchen, in the shower and in the bedroom. It was all great, because we wanted each other so bad for years. It felt like a first breath of air after being under water for so long.

Two years later, we’re still together and I love her to death – K., 24

“My girlfriend and I had a threesome with another girl.” We were worried and anticipated the sex and it was even better than what we expected. – O., 21

“She was really into whatever we did and wasn’t afraid to tell me what she wanted and what she didn’t” – D., 21

“We were dating for a couple of months and I had to leave for sometime, but when I was back she lost her brakes!” She put out sex toys on the coffee table and tied herself up. We were going insane! We did it four times that in all imaginable ways that night. I never had anything close ever since – A., 23

“The best sex in my life was when the girl asked me to tie her up and do it from behind” I never experienced anything similar and I loved it. – D.,20

“The best sex for me is when I’m in love” – If I see she’s crazy from me it just raises the sex to a new level. – M., 21

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