WATCH: 6 crazy health myths that many Pinoys believe

WATCH: 6 crazy health myths that many Pinoys believe

Filipinos are known for being a superstitious bunch. However, believing in superstitions related to health could bring harm and danger to one’s physical well-being. It could also make you look like an idiot.

Distinguishing medical facts from Pinoy fiction could save both a person’s life and his reputation. Here are some of the most ridiculous health myths that many Filipinos think are true.

1.) Washing hands after work will cause sweatiness and tremors of the hands

How many times have we heard older Pinoys scold us for washing our hands after doing chores? There is basically no scientific basis for this health superstition.

Studies say that tremors and excessive sweating of hands could be hereditary or caused by different conditions such as neurologic disorders, diabetes, thyroid problems, hand fatigue, and excessive anxiety or mental stress.

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You know what would happen if you neglect hand washing? You would increase your risk for acquiring an infection.

2.) Sleeping with wet hair could make you blind

Sleeping with wet hair has no connection whatsoever to going blind. What it would actually cause is a bad hair day for tomorrow.

3.) Getting warts from frogs

Warts on the skin are caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) that got through a tiny break in the skin like a scratch. It is usually transmitted through human-to-human skin contact. What did frogs ever do to the older generation of Pinoys to make them slander the poor amphibians?

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4.) Wash your face with blood from first menstrual period to prevent acne breakout

Who needs Vicky Belo when you can just ask a girl going through her first period for some blood? This disturbing Pinoy myth has no scientific basis at all and no girl should suffer the dreadful experience of smearing her face with her own menstrual blood.

By the way, hormones, genetics, and bacteria build-up are the most common causes of acne.

5.) Stepping over a sleeping child would stunt his growth

Filipinos, known for being short in height, have a bizarre way of dealing with their insecurities. Forget about genetics. If you grow up short in height, you could always blame anyone in your family for stepping over you while you were sleeping as a child. Sue them if you want.

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6.) Eating ants can make you a great singer

Do you know how Lea Salonga, Regine Velasquez, Sarah Geronimo and Gary Valenciano became amazing singers? Either they practiced their talents rigorously or they ate a lot of ants. This one’s tough to answer for some Filipinos.

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