Homeowner found snakes in a heated embrace from his ceiling

Homeowner found snakes in a heated embrace from his ceiling

- Mark Hyatt was put in an awkward and terrifying position when he spotted two snakes locked in a tangled embrace falling from his ceiling

- The pair paid him no attention though as he appealed to them to leave

- Hyatt caught the scene on video and sent it to WSPA 7 News which soon became viral

Walking in on a couple who was in the middle of an act of intimacy is one of the worst nightmares one could think of. It puts you in an embarrassing situation; unsure whether you have to claim false statements such as not having seen a thing or if you would just silently trace back your steps. At least one way or another, you have options to choose from. But what if the ‘couple’ you caught that was in the middle of a passionate moment was a pair of snakes?

It is one thing to suddenly have a snake sitting on your home floor, slithering alone. However, you are surely twice as unprepared when you see two of them tangled around one another as they drop from a crack in the ceiling.

Mark Hyatt was put in the awkward (and somehow, terrifying?) spot when he noted the snakes hanging just right outside his bedroom. They paid the South Carolina man no heed though, as they continue scaling each other up.

Homeowner found snakes in a heated embrace from his ceiling

The snakes were engrossed with each other in their tangled embrace

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Hyatt appeared to have a loss for words as he caught the scene on video. He tried to do it the harmless way, appealing to the snakes to leave and even offered them the direction of the door but they were obviously too busy to give him any attention.

He rounded the house to get closer to the snakes, with his other hand holding at least an object in an attempt to pry the pair which was not caught on footage.

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Before the clip ends, he quipped that ‘you’ can do it – either it means he was cheering for himself, or he continued to urge the snakes to find another place.

The poor man sent the video to WSPA 7 News, who posted it on social media. It has been viewed for more than 5 million times, also receiving at least 70,000 shares and thousands of comments – most of them being unable to suggest a way of getting rid of the snakes as they were shocked as well.

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Based on the short clip, one could assume that the pair of snakes were in the process of mating. A male and female snake do this as they intertwine their tails in order for the male to insert his hemipenis.

Encounters with snakes in the South Carolina region is a normal occurrence as the area is home to at least 38 native species of the kind.

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