Anne Curtis cries after being teased by Vice Ganda

Anne Curtis cries after being teased by Vice Ganda

- Anne Curtis cried out of laughter after Vice Ganda teased her mistakes about Jessie J’s ‘Nobody's Perfect’ on Showtime

- The actress initially thought the song was by Rihanna and that it was entitled ‘Hurt’

- Vice repeatedly shared to the audience how Anne sang the song with incorrect lyrics and even informed him confidently of who she thought was the singer and its title

Have you ever experienced hearing a song for the first time with an urge to share it with everyone else despite a lack of knowledge – artist and lyrics wise – of it? Looks like that what happened to Anne Curtis on ‘It’s Showtime’ on July 14, Thursday.

Following a performance of a contestant from their segment, ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan,’ Vice Ganda and co-host Anne ended up in a hilarious conversation, with the former teasing the other for proudly singing along to Jessie J’s ‘Nobody's Perfect’ which was sung a few moments earlier by teen Adelene Rabulan. Vice shared that while Rabulan was performing; Anne joined along and even informed him that Rihanna was behind the song. Furthermore, she even quipped that it was entitled ‘Hurt’ when Vice asked her about it.

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As the pair chatted with Rabulan, they found out that the actress was mistaken – with Rabulan enlightening them of the correct title and singer behind the song – which prompted Anne to cry out of laughter. Vice continued to tease her, mimicking her actions when she used to sing it with the wrong set of lyrics.

Anne Curtis cries after being teased by Vice Ganda

Anne teared up as Vice continued to tease her

Anne tried to make a smooth escape from the playful banter, proceeding with asking for the judges’ opinions on Rabulan. However, Vice did not allow her to easily do so as he called out her attempt.

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The comedian’s attention shifted to the contestant when he noted that she looked like late actress, Julie de Vega. Rabulan shared that she knew about the actress after her mother told her about it, which resulted in another round of teasing from Vice.

Adelene Rabulan was able to dethrone Jennie Gabriel, who was close on becoming the first champion to win nine times straight. Judges noted that Gabriel was not in her usual zone that day, offering that it might have been better if she picked a simple song instead of Whitney Houston’s ‘One Moment In Time’ as she sounded tired.

Unfortunately, Rabulan’s streak ended quickly as she bowed to Edelisa Neri the next day.

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'It's Showtime' is a popular noontime show in the Philippines. Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda are one of the original hosts among others. Their family on the show has grown bigger as they were joined by more people, and even launching their boy and girl groups recently called Hashtags and Girl Trends recently.

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