5 Filipino celebs who allegedly had abortion

5 Filipino celebs who allegedly had abortion

In a country where thoughts of contraception get raised eyebrows, admitting any inclination towards abortion or its support is sort of like the ultimate public suicide. If the illegality of abortion, for any reason, doesn’t deter you, the societal morals backed with strong Catholic views that highly stigmatize abortion surely will.

It is not surprising therefore that despite claims to openly encourage women empowerment, no woman in the Philippines can be caught openly admitting to abortion. If women with run-of-the-mill professions won’t do it, what more can we expect from celebrities whose bread and butter is deeply embedded in reputation and societal appeal?

Nevertheless, for the love of controversy, we rounded up a list of the most interesting abortion rumors in Philippine showbiz.

Top 5: Antoinette Taus (2001)

Surely, no one can forget Dingdong Dantes’ first love. Never mind that the actor is happily married or if he was linked to some other starlets like Bianca Lapus. Toni has and will always be Dingdong’s first love from the public’s point of view.

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5 Filipino celebs who allegedly had abortion
Antoinette Taus, Dingdong Dantes' first love. (Photo credit: Manila Standard - Aug 31, 2001)

This sweet-looking young star has been rumored to have had a love-child with the actor. Not only that, Toni was also believed to have had an abortion. Both of which were denied by the actress.

Top 4: Heart Evangelista (2007)

In the land of extremes and contradictions, even Philippine TV Sweetheart Heart Evangelista has not escaped the web of intrigues plaguing showbiz personalities. Among the many rumors that hit Heart, the one that says she had once been pregnant and had an abortion is the most steadfast.

In 2007, rumors about Heart's pregnancy began to spread. The rumor, intensified by repeated trips to the hospital, was followed by a U.S. vacation - which people attributed to an abortion trip abroad.

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5 Filipino celebs who allegedly had abortion
Heart Evangelista was rumored to have had abortion after getting pregnant by a man other than her boyfriend.

(Photo credit: starmometer)

In a magazine interview, Heart denied the allegation of abortion, saying, “I still hear people say I had an abortion. But at this point, I really don’t care anymore. The good thing is, after dealing with that painful experience, I remain unscathed. I’m proud that I handled it well.”

Heart also explained that the frequent hospital visits were due to asthma attacks, which was also backed up by her boyfriend at the time, Jericho Rosales.

“I still deserve to be a role model for youngsters,” Heart said in yet another exclusive interview. “To prove that my good image wasn’t tarnished, [the companies that got me to endorse their products] didn’t dump me. They still believe in me.”

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Top 3: Rhian Ramos (2010)

Clearly, a lot of people would probably think that being the most controversial, Rhian Ramos and her abortion controversy deserves the top spot on this list. However, this very reason caused Rhian Ramos’ alleged abortion of the baby with then-boyfriend, Mo Twister, to go several notches down this list. Surely, we can’t be blamed for the lack of surprises on this one?

Kapuso star Rhian Ramos’ alleged abortion was first made known to the public through a video diary showing an emotional Mo Twister making an admission. In the video, Mo was heard talking about a mutual decision to have an abortion, driven by love. Though littered with seemingly disjointed statements about what he is going through, the disk jockey got the message across.

The statements from Rhian’s camp - given by her lawyer, her manager, and her mom - or even by Rhian herself, neither denied or confirmed the abortion allegation. However, the actress did clarify that the relationship took a turn for the worse.

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In 2015, five years after the Rhian Ramos-Mo Twister relationship turned sour, the two are still fighting and Rhian even got a temporary protection order (TPO) issued proving that traces of bad blood remain between these two.

Top 2: Angel Locsin (2007)

Talent manager and TV and radio host Lolit Solis shocked the Philippines when she announced that Kapuso-turned-Kapamilya star Angel Locsin has been pregnant with the late Miko Sotto. Imagine the shock that the people felt when she added that Angel has also gone through an abortion?

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According to Lolit Solis, Angel and Miko and Valerie Concepcion and her child’s father always go on double dates. This secret supposedly kept Angel in line, making her bow to everything her manager says.

5 Filipino celebs who allegedly had abortion
Angel Locsin reportedly had an abortion after getting pregnant by then boyfriend Miko Sotto. (Photo credit: mrcheapjustice.wordpress.com)

“Kung ano [ang] ginagawa ni Valerie at nung pinsan ni Miko, 'yon din siguro ginagawa nina Miko at Angel. That time daw, ano talaga, nagpa-abort si Angel,” says Lolit.

Angel has long denied the abortion rumor, saying, “May takot po ako sa Diyos.Hindi ko alam kung bakit lumalabas ‘yung mga balitang ito. Hindi na nga ako natutulog, e, magpapa-abort pa ako? Araw-araw ako nakasabit, paano nangyari ‘yon? Hindi po talaga.”

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Her manager, Becky Aguila, supports the statement, saying that the allegation is untrue. “How can that happen when she was staying with me during her bf/gf relationship with Mico?” she added.

Top 1: Marian Rivera (2008)

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera has once again made it to the top of a list - this time, the list of the most notorious celebrity abortion rumors.

In 2008, Marian Rivera, together with actor Dingdong Dantes became two of the up-and-coming hot stars in GMA Network. In the same year, Marian found herself in the middle of a controversy - that of the rumored third party to Dingdong Dantes-Karylle Tatlonghari love story.

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Rumors also had it that the Marian was already expecting a baby, an issue that resulted in yet another abortion controversy. The abortion issue shocked the Philippines, especially after Karylle said nothing and mysteriously smiled back at host Boy Abunda when she was asked about Marian’s rumored pregnancy.

Marian vehemently denied the pregnancy at the time, though she admitted to being offended after watching Karylle’s silence and mysterious smile in the interview.

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5 Filipino celebs who allegedly had abortion
5 Filipino celebs who allegedly had abortion

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