BoC-owned cargo ship sinks in Manila Bay

BoC-owned cargo ship sinks in Manila Bay

- A peaceful Sunday morning was disrupted as crowds build up at the Manila Bay to see a cargo vessel sinking

- The cargo vessel which was supposedly under the Bureau of Customs (BoC) custody was seen listing to the left before it started sinking

- M/V Captain Ufuk, the sinking cargo vessel, had been seized for arms smuggling in 2009 

A sinking cargo vessel anchored in Manila Bay drew the attention of bikers, joggers, photographers, and Coast Guard authorities early Sunday morning, July 17.

The storm-tossed cargo vessel, MV Captain Ufuk, has reportedly been seen listing to the left, by the port side, before it started sinking inch by inch.

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Bystanders were quoted saying that the ship had been in a normal position before they began to see it tilting to its left side.

As of press time, the stern of the ship was already submerged.

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Initial reports say that the ship has been anchored in Manila Bay since 2011 when Philippine Coast Guard held it for some violations. The 2,400-ton Panama-registered ship was involved in arms smuggling in 2009 where it was reported to have yielded 14 crates of high-powered firearms before it was seized off the coast of Mariveles in Bataan.


Briton Bruce Jones, the ship's captain, had abandoned the ship but the replacement captain at the time it was seized had said that it came all the way from Turkey, Georgia, Gibraltar, Ghana, Cape Town in South Africa and Penang before proceeding to Jakarta and the Philippines.

It had gone under the custody of the Bureau of Customs (BoC) and since 2014, BoC has been trying to auction it off despite several 'failed biddings' and instances of raised fears that the next storm could send it slamming onto the seawalls of Manila Bay and causing an oil spill.

As of posting time, the Coast Guards are still investigating the situation in Roxas Blvd. - Kami Media

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